Thai Food During Pregnancy

Thai Food During Pregnancy – Pad Thai is a popular dish in Asia, consisting of vegetables and proteins mixed with a sweet and salty sauce and topped with peanuts. However, is it safe to eat Thai during pregnancy?

Pad Thai is safe to eat during pregnancy. But raw materials should be avoided. If you’re eating at a restaurant, food truck, or takeout, ask for sprouts, fresh herbs, and limes to be taken out.

Thai Food During Pregnancy

Thai Food During Pregnancy

With the variety of sauces, toppings, and ingredients in Thai sauce, for example, when eating out at a restaurant, it can be confusing how to order. Here’s a quick guide!

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Pad Thai is a dish that can be enjoyed with a variety of foods such as vegetables, meat, seafood, lime, peanuts, and soy sauce.

In general, pad thai can be eaten before it is fully cooked. We’ll talk more about special ingredients later in this article!

Pad Thai can be eaten hot, eaten hot at restaurants or food trucks, prepared at home, or taken out. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends not bringing leftovers home unless you can shower within two hours.

Also, don’t let it sit at room temperature for too long; food or refrigerator as soon as possible.

Eating Sprouts And Bean Sprouts In Pregnancy: Safe Or Not?

Beans are often added to or on top of Thai for a signature flavor. However, many people wonder if beans are safe to eat during pregnancy.

Raw crops, including alfalfa and beans, contain harmful bacteria, including E. coli, according to the FDA. So, even if it doesn’t hurt, make sure the plants are fully matured during pregnancy.

Meat and seafood such as chicken or shrimp are often added to the soup to increase the protein. Cooked protein is safe to eat during pregnancy. However, if you eat at a restaurant, make sure your food is hot when it arrives (source: FDA).

Thai Food During Pregnancy

When it comes to mercury content, shrimp is low in mercury but high in omega-3 fatty acids (source: Mayo Clinic). Therefore, it is a safe choice for pregnant women if the meat is fully cooked while it is pearly and not transparent.

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Nuts: There are no safety concerns about eating nuts during pregnancy. Walnuts are one of the healthiest foods (source: FDA). To learn more about this, check out our article on walnuts during pregnancy.

Fresh herbs: When cooking at home, make sure that any fresh herbs you add to the salad, such as cilantro or chives, are thoroughly washed and dried. When dining out, be sure to ask for a meal without fresh vegetables.

Eggs: Eggs can be eaten during pregnancy if they are pasteurized and fully cooked. If eating at a restaurant, the FDA asks employees to use pasteurized eggs to ensure safety. Eggs should be fine during pregnancy if cooked.

Lime juice or lime juice: Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly under running water and scrub with a vegetable brush, according to the FDA. However, if you don’t know if the restaurant has lime, order the Pad Thai without the lime just to be on the safe side.

Which Food To Avoid During Pregnancy?

Fish sauce: Although real fish is sometimes a concern during pregnancy due to mercury levels, fish sauce often contains anchovies (source: United States Department of Agriculture [USDA]). According to the Mayo Clinic, anchovies are low in mercury, making them safe for pregnant women.

Soy sauce: Soy sauce is very high in sodium, with more than 800 milligrams of sodium in 15 milliliters, or one tablespoon (source: USDA). Therefore, consider limiting the amount of soy you consume or purchasing a low-sodium variety.

Chili/Heat: Spicy additions like chili are good to eat during pregnancy, depending on your preference. For more information, see our article on healthy foods during pregnancy.

Thai Food During Pregnancy

When ordering a fresh, hot plate at a restaurant, here are a few tips to make the delicious meal as safe as possible during pregnancy.

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Ask the waiters to leave out limes and fresh herbs like cilantro because you don’t know how to prepare/clean them.

Also, ask if the vegetables in the tray are fully ripe. If they are raw, as is often the case with dishes, ask them to leave them.

This article helped demystify the safety of pad thai, and I hope you enjoy it while you’re pregnant, especially when eating out at restaurants.

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Thai Food During Pregnancy

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If you’re pregnant, you’re probably watching what you eat while you’re expecting and trying to figure out the tom ingredients in your favorite foods, like tom yum soup.

Tom yum soup is a true Thai soup and usually consists of the following ingredients:

Three common ingredients in tom yum soup that worry moms are lemon, shrimp, and unrefined fish sauce.

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Lemon (citronella) is used as a vegetable in Southeast Asian cuisine, such as tom yum soup. Often lemon leaves and oil are used medicinally for their antibacterial and astringent properties. It is also used in many cosmetic products.

Lemon should not be eaten during pregnancy, as citral and myrcene may adversely affect pregnancy (see details here).

If you are modifying a lemonade recipe, you can double the kaffir leaf to boost the flavor.

Thai Food During Pregnancy

One concern with pasta is listeria, a foodborne illness for babies. As long as the paste does not rot, and is sealed, it is considered safe because canning is usually done at high temperatures and there is no risk of listeria.

Thai Panang Curry

Unfiltered fish sauce (also called padak) is fermented fish that has been reduced to a liquid consistency. Fish sauce in its raw and unrefined form should not be consumed by mothers and pregnant women. In addition, fish sauce is high in salt and can cause water retention during pregnancy.

Unfiltered fish sauce should not be confused with Vietnamese nuoc mam or Thai nam pla, which are filtered fish sauces.

However, stricter recommendations are not to be eaten during pregnancy, as the traditional recipe contains lemon and unrefined fish sauce, which are safe for pregnant women.

In general, there is growing concern that lemons are a vegetable and should not be consumed in large quantities. Lemon tea and medicinal forms should be especially avoided.

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It is important to consult your doctor if you can eat lemon, shrimp paste and unrefined fish sauce during pregnancy.

Like all delicious foods, there is a legend that tom yum soup can induce labor. However, there is only one study linking eating spicy foods to fertility.

There are also myths that spicy food can cause

Thai Food During Pregnancy

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