Teen Pregnancy Stories

Teen Pregnancy Stories – He thinks you’re a little girl, but he doesn’t know. There may still be some suspicions, but it is not suspicious at all.

I didn’t say who I was. On the one hand, it’s nice to know you’re pregnant. Besides, you’ve never been so anxious in your entire life. It is a given that you are very afraid.

Teen Pregnancy Stories

Teen Pregnancy Stories

What did the other girls do when they knew what was expected of them? What is going on in their mind? “Dear Diary, I’m Pregnant”, find out by reading 10 interviews with Anne from England.

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Nearly 20 years ago, when Anneree English learned that a young friend was pregnant, she looked for a book that would give her new insight, but couldn’t find one. The Englishman thought of creating a book. He sends out flyers looking for girls from all walks of life and all races to hold a conversation. English says he published a book filled with experiences of “superior balance.”

Adopting her child was a decision Eva was proud of. However, “it’s hard to make a decision if you don’t know who you are yet.”

Away from her family (who never knew she was pregnant), Anastasia gave up her baby. “…I’m so excited to make the first major decision of my life to have a baby…”

Katrina had a son and suffered two miscarriages after giving birth. Her lover wanted to continue with a third pregnancy, but, confused, she knew she couldn’t cope mentally, emotionally or physically.

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Samantha, the mother who raised her son: “Everyone thinks having a child is fun… but it’s not like a toy… it’s a big responsibility.

And from Angela: “When my friends say, ‘I really want a baby,’ I tell them, ‘Don’t get pregnant.’ I go home at four and play with my kids, but no kids.”

In this book, interviewer and editor Anrene England becomes unflappable, thoughtful, and careful as she tells the stories of 10 teenage mothers who didn’t preach and made a variety of difficult decisions. This book, he says, is not about “choosing one lawyer over another,” but about “different answers.”

Teen Pregnancy Stories

Although I think some girls are happy with their final decision, I also find it interesting that their excitement is often accompanied by a sense of pain and wanting it to be over. Because of this, the plan made there to reach puberty is very useful for all the girls in danger.

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Originally available for 13 year olds, but still completely relevant, this book is not an easy read, but it can make a big difference to the right young person. For her, “Dear Diary, I’m Pregnant” can help her. Around two million girls around the world give birth before their 15th birthday each year. Apart from the health risks, it also affects them. Affects school and future career.

Painter and filmmaker Peter ten Hoopen meets some teenage mothers ahead of the Women Free conference in Copenhagen on the health, rights and well-being of girls and women.

Keya, 14, lives in a rural village in Bangladesh with her husband Jahangir, 21, their two-month-old son Rahim, and their in-laws. Keya and her husband fell in love and wanted to marry against her parents’ wishes when she was 13. Due to excessive blood loss, Keya almost died during childbirth.

“I only went to school for one year because my family was very poor. I spent many years at home helping my mother with the housework.

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“Two months later I got pregnant. I wanted to have a baby, and when I first experienced pain I knew no one.

“My mother-in-law asked me if I was sick and I denied that I was sick.” He tried to save my child for me, but he couldn’t do it alone. Then my mother came and took me there. . I’m stuck.”

Ana, 15 years old, lives in the suburbs of a large, violent city in Colombia with her four-month-old daughter Karen, her parents, and her two sisters. In the eighth grade, when she became pregnant by her boyfriend, he soon left her. Ana developed pre-eclampsia in the last trimester and required emergency treatment.

Teen Pregnancy Stories

“When I was eight months pregnant, I had high blood pressure, I went to the clinic and they immediately sent me to the maternity ward. I had no desire to be a mother, but when they smiled at me, Karen was so beautiful. .

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Aissa lives in rural Burkina Faso with her 15-year-old daughter Fathi, 13 months, her mother and two sisters. She became pregnant after being sexually abused by a teacher. A year later the teacher was suspended.

“I was 14 years old when I was pregnant, after my first test at school, I called my teacher to find out my answer, and because he got my number, he called me and asked me to come to him.

“I said I would not go. Then one day he threatened me and said that if I don’t come, I will face problems. So I got scared and went there for the final exam. Then he kidnapped me.”

She lived with her father and two siblings for five years in a camp for the displaced after the earthquake in Haiti in 2010. Her boyfriend Elianne was pregnant and had to drop out of school. When she was seven months pregnant, she gave birth to a son who died soon after.

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“I was seven months pregnant when I felt a stomach ache. A week later I decided to go to the hospital to see what would happen. I refused all the hospitals because they said the disease was very serious and I could not die… during childbirth.”

Amira, 15, her two sons Samer, one and Amalo, 12 days old, and her husband live in a refugee camp in Jordan. He had to stop studying because of the war in his country, Syria. Amira got married at the age of 13 and had two children at the clinic.

“It’s important to take care of children when you’re young, for example, I’m not sure if I should always take my child with me.

Teen Pregnancy Stories

“Besides, I also have to take care of my wife, I have no free time, my child takes more time than all the cares, my newborn baby cries a lot. Sometimes I don’t know why he cries. Who does it? .”

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Mulenga, 14, lives in a remote village in Zambia with her daughter, her parents, her father’s second wife and her 10 siblings. She went to school and wanted to be a doctor until her mother found out she was pregnant.

“Being a mother is hard. I don’t have time to play. I stay at home to take care of my daughter and do the laundry. Before I had children I could play and go wherever I wanted. I like playing football. .”

Fifteen-year-old Poko lives in an urban area of ​​Burkina Faso with her three-year-old son, Tiga, parents, grandmother and aunt. She almost died in childbirth. His family was very poor and could not pay Poco’s school fees to continue his education.

“I was 12 years old before I got pregnant. At that time I didn’t know anything about these things. Once a man wanted to meet me at his place. I don’t know why, but when the night came he said. And we were free, I slept together, I went there and he slept with me, it was my first time;

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In a remote village in Zambia, 15-year-old Thandiwe lives with her nine-month-old daughter, Anna, her husband and son-in-law. When Thandiwe became pregnant, she was forced to leave school and marry the father of her child.

“I’m not ready to be a mother yet because I didn’t expect to have a baby now.

“Before I got pregnant, I was in sixth grade and I wanted to be a chef and work in the city.

Teen Pregnancy Stories

“We didn’t have sex, only met about five times – that’s it. I got scared when I found out I was pregnant, my parents took me to my husband and left me alone. I want to stay there, but they forced me to get married.

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All photos by Peter Decem Hoopen / Plan International / UNFPA will lead to an exhibition at the Women’s Conference in Copenhagen from 16-19 May. So the exhibition will travel around the world

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