Stardew Valley Pregnancy Mod

Stardew Valley Pregnancy Mod – The dialogue in Stardew Valley is designed to easily give the player different dialogue depending on the gender of the farmer chosen at the start of the game. While it is useful to address the farmer correctly as Mr. or Mrs. during dialogue, it also leaves room for gender stereotyping. My goal with this mod is to remove all but the most friendly of these gendered conversations and standardize the core game to be more gender friendly.

Excludes sexual dialogue. The villagers (especially Alex) would not make unnecessary comments about the female farmer’s body, which would be limited by her gender. I also removed dialogue that implied the farmer was sexist.

Stardew Valley Pregnancy Mod

Stardew Valley Pregnancy Mod

Eliminates dispersion. Singles no longer find dating one type of farmer weird or another, and no one else in town will find the relationship weird, making the game more gay-friendly in general. Leia’s ex-husband will also be female, regardless of the player’s gender.

How You Gon Tell Me?!

Eliminates stereotypical food and drink choices. 10 Heartbreaking Scenes When Alex Runs Out! You’re a hardworking farmer and you deserve more hearty food. Also changed Elliot’s fourth heart event where he orders you a drink.

Poly Friendly event by Minerva. Honestly, the only reason I haven’t changed anything about the cheat event is because this mod actually made it better.

Minerva’s unique response to jealousy is changing the husband’s dialogue to imply that giving gifts to other villagers after marriage is a bad thing.

Gender Neutral Edit Khan – If you also want to remove the word gender listed on your farm, which leaves my form. Note: Gender neutral mod. As currently written in many dialog variants, only the gender of names and pronouns changes with each version, so if you use this mod, I recommend installing your own. I already wrote my mod to be compatible.

Pregnancy And Birth Events At Stardew Valley Nexus

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