Salem Pregnancy Care Center

Salem Pregnancy Care Center – Pregnancy Centers wants to provide the same level of care and resources to women in Winston-Salem that it has provided to women in Greensboro for 35 years.

GREENSBORO, N.C. – A Greensboro family that has helped parents for 35 years is renovating and expanding.

Salem Pregnancy Care Center

Salem Pregnancy Care Center

They plan to open a second location in Winston-Salem in September. They are looking at a location near Winston-Salem State University.

Birthright Of Winston Salem

“One of our customers is a 22-year-old student, so we want to go where he is, so it’s easy to get to us,” said the senior director of health and customer care.

This nonprofit organization provides free health care services to women, including screening and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy tests, and routine ultrasounds. They also host pregnancy 101 and parenting 101 classes.

The number of clients has increased over the years from 500 in 2015 to 1200 women last year.

“I think the need is greater than that. We moved here near UNCG a few years ago and we’re seeing more women who can move in with us,” she said.

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In each program, clients meet with a personal counselor and nurse who help the pregnant woman physically and emotionally.

“We want to serve our customers fully because we are all people.” “We’re not just physical people, we have feelings, we have souls,” Jewell said.

“So most of the time what we do is listen to those fears, validate them and understand them. But then we talk about help, address those fears. Let’s go to the welfare of the people. That’s what we should be looking at.” He said.

Salem Pregnancy Care Center

Jewell said it’s all about empowering women to find resources in the community and not be alone.

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“We want women to know that we are here for them, we will support them no matter what and they can do it, we believe in women,” Jewell said.

STORY: ‘Mom just had a baby’: Greensboro woman didn’t know she was pregnant until she gave birth Happy new Winston-Salem location opening for services! Scroll through the images below to view the new space.

Because so many women seek abortions in Winston-Salem, we want to provide more support for women in this area of ​​the triangle. Our mission is to give every woman in the three the tools they need to make healthy choices.

On Saturday, January 16, 2021, we held a ribbon cutting ceremony for our new Winston-Salem office. Check out the video for a tour of the new facility!

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A lot of effort went into fixing this place, and we can’t thank our partners and sponsors enough for making it happen!

We have been serving women in Greensboro for 35 years. Our goal and mission has always been to empower women with truth and support so they don’t feel that abortion is their only option. Abortion not only ends a life, but destroys every woman who goes through it. Women hurt them. Families are falling apart. It is necessary.

Salem Pregnancy Care Center

In early 2021, we will open a new hospital where the need is greatest: Winston-Salem in Forsyth County. Because so many women seek abortions in Winston-Salem, we want to provide more support for women in this area of ​​the triangle. Our mission is to give every woman in the three the tools they need to make healthy choices.

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This upgrade to Triad means we’re getting a complete rebrand. As of March 2020, it is our new name

We wanted the name to reflect the type of service we provide, but also our expertise, reliability and presence. The word “channel” means power and reach.

We are very grateful for the continued support of our colleagues. Your loyalty helps keep Winston-Salem alive. Because of your generosity, more than three women will have the power to make healthy choices for their unborn children.

We see an average of 100 women per month in the Greensboro area alone. As we open our doors in Winston-Salem, the number of women we serve will increase. 3,400 abortions are performed each year in the Triad alone. It takes $1,200 to empower a woman with the tools and resources she needs to make healthy choices for her unborn child and healthy choices for the future. How many women in the Triad can you inspire?

Resources For The Salem Area

Thank you for your cooperation. Together, we will empower more women to face them fearlessly.

You can be an insider partner in investing in the expansion of Winston-Salem. Partners provide the necessary funds for the expansion and recognition of the new building and our website. The maximum donation is $5,000. Here are some examples of what your support can provide:

$10,000 Sponsored Ultrasound Room: During an ultrasound appointment, registered nurses confirm pregnancy, determine gestational age and measure the baby’s heart rate. Many women who receive ultrasounds among us are choosing to choose life for their unborn children. Your financial support ensures that the pregnancy center has the opportunity to perform ultrasounds, which are important in the decision-making process for women when considering an abortion.

Salem Pregnancy Care Center

$7,500 Sponsored Consumer Education Class: Our free classes are designed to give women the knowledge they need to make informed choices. Your financial support ensures that the Pregnancy Center has space in the new building to offer free Pregnancy 101 and Parenting 101 classes, as well as the Heart Recovery Program.

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$5,000 Donors Fund The Room: We empower women to make smart and healthy decisions. We believe that our customers have basic needs, but also emotional and spiritual needs. At each program, women receive all the information they need to make an informed decision. Your financial support can provide the tools needed to make this commitment possible.

Partners provide much needed seed for development and are recognized in the new building and on our website. The maximum annual grant is $20,000, which can be given as a single grant or divided into 12 monthly grants. Here are some examples of what your gift can contribute to development services:

Yes, and they do a great job! Because so many abortions are happening in Winston-Salem, we want to provide additional support. We want every woman with an unplanned pregnancy to have the best possible treatment.

Think about it: There are over two million churches in America, but new churches are planted every day. Why? Because the demand is high! With more places, more people can be served. That’s why we expanded.

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The only thing that will change about our location in Greensboro is our name. Our mission is one: we are here to empower women to face unplanned pregnancies without fear.

We will continue to have annual events, and we would love to see you there! Our Greensboro tour will be held on Saturday, April 17, 2021. You can learn more and register today by clicking here.

The Greensboro Festival for Life (formerly Benefit Dinner) is held every fall. Join us on our free blog or follow us on social media!

Salem Pregnancy Care Center

All available positions have been filled. You can check the career page for the following positions. We also share these opportunities on our social media platforms. So be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Pregnancy Clinic Pregnancy exists to encourage women who are not planning to become pregnant to make healthy, life-affirming decisions about Jesus.

Expansion To Winston Salem • The Pregnancy Network

For more than 30 years, Salem Pregnancy Clinic has provided free services to women who are not planning to become pregnant. We provide compassion and confidentiality to listen to patients and receive detailed medical and treatment information. All of our patient services are free.

Our trained attorneys earn the trust of our patients through our unwavering kindness and acceptance. From where these women passed through our families, we talk, it doesn’t matter. Our trained counselors meet them where they are and provide emotional support as they make difficult decisions.

Omid Pregnancy Clinic values ​​the health of the mother and her child. We are feminists and decision-makers. Many of our patients have various obstacles in their lives that prevent them from getting pregnant. Therefore, we connect them with 75 (+) partner organizations that can help meet all their needs.

We believe that our patients can make the best decisions for themselves and their unborn children when they are fully informed. That’s why our healthcare workers take the time to train everyone

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