Pregnancy Test Memes

Pregnancy Test Memes – Woman left in stitches after testing positive for Covid to mislead pregnancy report.

When a friend of Helen’s asked if she was happy, she replied: “Having Covid? I don’t like it, but if there are minor symptoms.” & Nbsp

Pregnancy Test Memes

Pregnancy Test Memes

A woman is suspicious when her friend tests positive for Covid-19 about her suspected pregnancy and starts a hilarious conversation about her symptoms.

Just Wanted To Share The Great News With Y’all, I’m Going To Be A Mother Just Wanted To Share The Great News With Y’all, I’m Going To Be A Mother Meme |

Helen Phillips, from Finchley, London, sent pictures of the side-flow test to a doctor friend and said she was missing work as a result.

His friend asked him: “How do you feel?” When asked, he replied: “Well, honestly. You cough and bite.” Helen said she woke up a week ago, but it wasn’t a big deal.

Then his friend asked if he was “happy” with the outcome. Helen replied, “What do you have to have Covid? I don’t like it, but if there are minor symptoms.”

Then everything became clear when a friend said something funny. “Oh! I thought I was witnessing childbirth.”

Mom: Who’s Positive Pregnancy Test Is This?! Me: I Don’t Know! It Isn’t Mine! (thoughts: Oh Shit It’s Mine!)

“We both found it funny. When I wove him, it was early. He said he should have woken up. I thought I knew well enough not to announce the pregnancy to the staff,” Helen said. he quoted as saying.

When a friend asks him if he’s “happy,” his “first thought” is, “Oh my God, he’s a doctor.” If you’re a lucky guy, what if he feels like Covid is worse? Do doctors know anything about this? happiness levels and how bad covid is. And then he said, “I know why you had a cough and a sore throat, but I followed.”

A doctor friend said: “I didn’t think much about trying the picture to be honest; I was half asleep and we’ve been best friends for years, so we did something. I woke up with a smile – it was 6am. When it happened. A really great day to start the journey.”

Pregnancy Test Memes

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Pregnancy Test Memes

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