Pregnancy Ruined My Wife’s Body

Pregnancy Ruined My Wife’s Body – The veteran cast shines in a strong episode that focuses on Love Island and the Trump impeachment investigation, but really shines with its silly characters and exploration of race relations.

Fresh off winning three Emmys for Fleabag, Phoebe Waller-Most takes the reins on Saturday Night Live in an episode that’s generally stronger than last week’s season premiere.

Pregnancy Ruined My Wife’s Body

Pregnancy Ruined My Wife's Body

And despite not having the star power at the opening, Matthew Broderick still stood as Mike Pompeo under the leadership of Mike Pence (Beck Bennett), which seems inevitable for Trump these days, even if he doesn’t say much. .

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The show shines in its most absurd moments, including another game show scene with stupid contestants and a quartet of peasant women who are looking for the same grumpy boy. But the episode absolutely killed it with a brilliant and funny episode that explores racial stereotypes, tensions and…competition?

As the night wore on, Phoebe sat down and worked with all of her characters until the final review of the night, which proved to be very difficult for everyone involved, leading to several pauses.

As always, we miss all sketches from worst to first, including monologues, good openings, weekend updates, and all sketches that were cut over time but appeared on the Internet. We’ll skip the musical guests because they’re usually not funny unless Ashley Simpson appears. We look at the actress who had the strongest week yet.

It was a charming enough introduction for an audience that was not familiar with who Phoebe Waller-Bridge is, but it was not a particularly shocking or funny monologue. The writer and creator of a large part of Killing Eve and the creator and star of Fleabag created some of the funniest and most touching moments on television, so it’s no wonder he didn’t make it here. There was some hard, dry British humor, but it wasn’t very good when I discovered it all, even when I remembered funny things like psychopaths “having a moment” and what our genitals are doing… now!

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Forget about the American edition (as most of America did), this documentary about the British sensation is available on Hulu, but that’s not enough. Dialect jokes are cute and fun to watch Eddie Bryant get out of the bag of gravel, but they really missed the chance to get into the extreme absurdity of the show and instead decided to just scratch the surface with simple jokes for that. General support. .

It took a little time for this sketch from the White House to find its rhythm, and Mike Pence on Beck Bennett presided over the meetings without a brain. We liked his ability to “truth” his stories, and Kenan Thompson was a charming fool because Ben Carson and Matthew Broderick seemed to be the only voices in the room like Mike Pompeo. The sketch somehow fell all over the place, but it was fun to watch everyone except Rudy Julian acting behind newcomers Keith McKinnon and Stephen Miller, who are throwing it to poor Mike. It was a definite impression!

This documentary tells the story of what happened in the 70s (?), when the royal duchess married poet Kenan Thompson and comedian Jimmy Jay Robinson. He became even more controversial than Megan Markle, with the humor of tough Britons who are trying to deal with this cynical, naive and stupid American. There wasn’t much more to the sketch, but Kanon tried hard not to convince Jimmy how stupid/cool he was, in the sense that he was never as cool as he thought he was.

Pregnancy Ruined My Wife's Body

These moments are always funny, because Mickey Day gets all frustrated when he communicates with his wife at home from the Second World War. It’s a great way to see how easily misunderstandings can happen when we communicate in such short terms as we do all the time these days through text messages and conversations. But the extreme absurdity of the host (this time Phoebe Waller-Bridge) makes it all work, while Mickey tries to understand what is being said to him.

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Soon after, Colin Yost criticized Trump and threatened that “fake news” would turn into “corrupt news”, and the media claimed that he would go from “President Trump” to “Former President Trump”. И отидовме на трките. Finally, after a few taps, Michael chimed in on the idea of ​​Trump eating an alligator and asked: “Are we sure it’s okay to make fun of this guy?” Compared to how much Leni was “strengthened” by mice and men.

Kate McKinnon, Senator Elizabeth Warren. “Getting a big check from Wall Street was pretty cool for the last woman to run for president,” McKinnon said, giving his second most iconic impression of Hillary Clinton. But, wow, that was a positive, supportive claim… “SNL” picks a favorite?

In other news, people from Ireland and Russia. He made several good jokes at the expense of Kelly, which caused unexpected delirium among the audience due to its vulgar content. “Cats connect with people like dogs, but they are too far away to show it,” Colin said later, “so I named my cat after his father.” The boys are in this week! And ОМГ, see

This week, Bowen Young caught everyone’s attention as China’s trade representative, and he’s gone. The characters were so extravagant and used every trendy cultural jargon imaginable, reaching such high speeds that we imagine the older generations would hear nothing but the sound of a dial-up modem trying to connect to the Internet. . However, he devoted himself to it and it was quite funny (although a little more). It seems like SNL could do with adding this guy to the cast.

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Мики Дј се бесплатно со ликот, Морт Фелнер, на вестите за центреници кои се се мтрать. Yes, it’s pretty cool, but we’ve done it so many times that it’s lost its charm.

We’ve seen it before, but it still manages to amuse the jury with wild guesses about what could be in a simple picture. You wouldn’t think they could guess the power of the brain, the sexiness and the lack of buttocks from the pictures of the children, but you would be wrong. This is the worst group for guessing since Masked Singer (БУМ! ХИТ!). Sometimes it’s better to be simple and very stupid.

Sometimes you skit just for fun and it was great to see the veteran ladies of the show sharing a little time in the last episode of the show. Kate McKinnon, Eddie Bryant, and Cecily Strong clearly enjoy playing together, and Phoebe Waller-Bridge plays another redhead who’s in love with the same salesman (Beck Bennett). Stupid accents, violence and love gestures made this skit very funny from the beginning, but the joy of the actors and occasional laughter made it magical.

Pregnancy Ruined My Wife's Body

Well, it was a sarcastic satire, because the news anchors Kenon Thompson and Igo Nvoima called the suspect for the theft of Ganadid as a “white boy”. It worked because they didn’t have to investigate the reasons for it because it was sane. Hence the competition with Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Alex Moffat for who has more crime stories. Каков brilliant subversive plot masked in ordinary war, which race had the most criminals. And what a way to perpetuate racial tensions and stereotypes.

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Again, Kenan Thompson had a fantastic outing, killing it as the top royal scout, the incompetent Ben Carson, and delivering one of the best sketches of the night. But he was rarely replaced by another veteran, but Keith McKinnon.

However, Kate also had a strong performance in the episode, which allowed the veteran to really shine, reviving another Rudy Julian moment and continuing to perfect her Elizabeth Warren impression. But, no one was more energetic that evening than Eddie Bryant.

She impressed William Barr and made us look like stupid contestants on the game show and stupid contestants on Love Island, but what she really did was make us – along with the other ladies – act like cute country idiots. Ironically, Eddie, Cecily and Kate are still loyal (to Kate) in seasons eight and nine, as is Kenon in season 17.

Could their record-breaking run inspire one of them to stay longer than most artists? Although there are several people who have lasted longer than Keith (Darrel Hammond (14), Seth Meyers (13), Fred Armison (11) and Tim Meadows (10 percent), he is the longest with Maya Rudolph. She is an artist. Can Cecil continue with that?

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