Pregnancy Photoshoot Underwater

Pregnancy Photoshoot Underwater – Editor’s Note: Here’s how photographer Sofia Costa began honing her underwater photography skills and eventually grew her underwater photography business in Hawaii.

I felt the water surround my body and block my thoughts. I held my breath and floated, water covering my skin and strands of hair covering my face. I was not heavy, and I stopped myself, knowing that my lungs needed air. After a while I took my skills. For a few seconds I focused only on the beings in front of me, ignoring the needs of my earthly body. We are an integral part of this fluid world.

Pregnancy Photoshoot Underwater

Pregnancy Photoshoot Underwater

Being underwater in the vast ocean is exciting. I count my blessings every day that I live on this island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean where I can shoot all year round with my favorite element, water.

After Doing Some Research On Safety And Pregnancy, I Realized That

My underwater photography journey began in 2013 and at the time it was nothing short of amazing. I spent two years without money to buy the right equipment and throw my camera into the ocean. In a world where you can’t speak, I try to find my voice, feel and take what’s in front of you.

We then moved from Hawaii to South Florida to be closer to our family. I’m fighting the postpartum blues at home with my newborn and baby. I always needed a creative outlet in my life and photography was my savior. I researched photography genres to identify the genres that inspire me to create images.

I soon found that I preferred to shoot in the sea rather than the beach water. I started my journey with an unsecured Canon EOS 7D in my hand. Whenever I’m shooting a beach, I’ll go to a secluded area on the shore to add splashes of water or white glitter to the image.

We’re not going to use any expensive gear in the water right away, but I saved up a few bucks and bought a soft case for the lens. I remember the first time I took a camera underwater. I am very busy. If I lose that camera, I’m lost. But the desire to create underwater images overcame my fear.

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During the first few months of shooting at this hotel, I decided to photograph a pregnant woman in the sea. The swimming pool has never made me swell; I love the challenge of creating something good no matter the situation I am given: one day a school of fish may be part of my shot and the next there is no fish in sight. One day the water was clear, and the next day it was cloudy and cloudy. The sea is constantly changing and rising, so my underwater creativity and technical skills are constantly growing and developing.

We returned to Hawaii in 2015; My underwater photography was the main reason for this decision. I want to see more of the species and maybe being in Hawaii will open doors for me. Likewise, we want our children to grow up in the rural lifestyle of our old home, the North Shore of Oahu.

After my first camera was completely ruined by a bad case spread, I decided it was time to invest in a stronger case system. Back after the big event, I borrowed money from my sister to buy my first AquaTech home system. Four years later, I still love it and all the images it allows me to create.

Pregnancy Photoshoot Underwater

The next hurdle is finding pregnant women who can swim and want to take pictures in the sea. In 2015, wet births were only done in pools. In the pool you are safe – there are no currents and you can hold onto the edge of the pool while holding your breath. In the ocean, you have to float on your back while breathing, and the salt water floats you, making it difficult to stay underwater. It’s exhausting. But underwater photography conveys a unique sense of calm and peace.

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As soon as they see the pictures in my feed, they can imagine women taking pictures of themselves in the ocean with their pregnant bellies hanging out in perfect poetic timing. I began to listen attentively.

I want to attract more women who want these pictures. In 2018, I speeded up the photos I posted on social media, reposting them. I started focusing more on my health and getting tested to increase my lung capacity; I want to be as strong as possible in the water.

The week leading up to the day of the client shoot I did a lot of work behind the scenes. I have to monitor the tides and the weather to make sure it is safe to swim. I check the radio forecast for each side of the island and pick the most unexpected days. Now, half of my clients are “full moons,” couples coming to Hawaii for vacation, so I need to know when things are going well; I take this job very seriously.

I carefully monitor all potential clients; He should be able to swim, dive without a nose and walk well when tired.

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You might be thinking, what about sharks? Everyone is listening. My answer is yes, the ocean is home to sharks and we are the aggressors. It can be dangerous out of my control, and I take precautions and stay alert. But I don’t care, and I’m sure my trust will transfer to my clients. In seven years of shooting underwater, I’m happy to report that I’ve never seen a shark while shooting a client. My – w-e-l-l-l, that’s a story for another day.

1. You must be able to swim. Practice holding your breath longer before chasing your whole body to the bottom of the pool or ocean.

3. Plan before you dive. Adapt the plan to your topic and return it to you.

Pregnancy Photoshoot Underwater

5. Take pictures underwater at different times of the day to see the angle of light entering the water. It’s amazing.

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6. Editing underwater photos is not the same as editing photos on land. I have developed special presets for each image. I’m not a big fan of the perfect peachy color in the water because it’s not realistic. The closer you are to the subject, the more realistic the colors will be. The blue cast increases as it moves away from you, which can also be a pretty thing.

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Sophia Costa from Sophia Co. lives in Oahu, Hawaii with his wife and two children. She is a birth story, family photographer, mother and filmmaker with a passion for capturing authentic moments in heaven. She loves Jesus, coffee, salt water, hiking and sunshine, taking her family to explore the local skate park or the fresh water in Hawaii.

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We’ve seen underwater photos of moms before — Beyonc√© has posted photos of herself giving birth, including underwater shots — but nothing prepared us for the beauty and artistry of Adam Oprys. A photographer in Palm Beach, Florida told us:

“I grew up on the ocean in South Florida and being in the water has always been second nature to me. As my wedding business has grown, I’ve always loved how the brides I photograph come in after getting their maternity photos. . I’m pregnant. There are no limits.”

Oprys continues to test those boundaries with some of the most stunning maternity photos we’ve seen. have read

Pregnancy Photoshoot Underwater

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