Pregnancy Photos Beach

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One thing I didn’t realize before I got pregnant was that I didn’t want to get dressed up or go out much. Pregnancy really gets on your nerves and doing a photo shoot was the last thing I wanted to do. I experienced just about every symptom of pregnancy, from nausea to back pain to a dislocated rib.

Pregnancy Photos Beach

Pregnancy Photos Beach

However, I really wanted some great photos of Will and I in the final stages of my pregnancy. We were planning on catching some fish early, but every time we tried it would get dark or something would come out (probably my breakfast).

Wellington, Fl Newborn, Maternity And Baby Photographer

I would love to see pregnancy photos from the beach. We finally made it to the beach one day when I was around 38 weeks pregnant and the sun was setting, which meant we only had 10 minutes to take some great photos. My brother Joey was able to capture something that I really love and I’m so glad we have these pregnancy photos to remember our daughter while she was in the womb.

I have a love/hate relationship with painting, I enjoy short walks on the beach and I’m a mom. Are you planning a beach maternity photo shoot? Get inspired by these amazing photo shoot ideas and learn the best tips for amazing photos!

I went on vacation to Maui during my pregnancy. Both times I knew I had to take the photo opportunity and I’m so glad I did.

There is something about the soft pastel colors of a beach sunrise or sunset and the calming water in the background that makes your pregnancy photos truly amazing.

Maternity Photographers In Orange Beach

Below are 20+ absolutely stunning beach maternity photo shoot ideas and some great outfits to get you excited about your next shoot. Along with all the inspiration, you’ll find tips and tricks to ensure a smooth session and photos that exceed your expectations!

Not all beaches are the same, so I wanted to offer a variety of ideas for clothing, photography style, and beach settings. I hope you find at least one or two photo shoots that give you the perfect look for your shoot!

Both looks are similar because the dress of choice is a stunning feminine lace maxi dress. The lace details are very delicate and create a beautiful look that blends perfectly with the serene beach in the background.

Pregnancy Photos Beach

The mom’s pretty flower crown on the right adds another element of femininity, but I also love the simplicity of the look on the left!

Pregnancy Photos In Miami

Inspired by the beach in the Hamptons, this casual style is a breeze. All you need to recreate this relaxed sunset beach scene for your maternity photo shoot is a striped maternity swimsuit, some vintage beach chairs, a basket from the French market, and some Turkish-style towels.

If I had to do it over again, this look would definitely be the one I went for!

Tip: don’t forget to bring some accessories for your photo session. A cute beach towel and knitted beach bag can add interest to your photos and create intimate scenes. Then you can easily place them side by side for more minimal photos.

I love the minimalist and vintage vibe of this beach birth photo shoot. It’s classy and cool, yet dramatic.

Beautiful Pregnant Woman On The Beach Stock Photo

Tip: take your time to find the right photographer to capture the look you want. Do you like minimalist vintage-inspired photos? Light and airy? Dark and moody? If you’re looking for a custom look, make sure you choose a photographer who specializes in capturing the look you want.

Opt for a peasant style dress for a super feminine and ethereal look. The flattering silhouette, pleated details and sheer bust line will highlight your beautiful pregnant belly and create a stunning overall look.

Tip: In my opinion, the best photos are stylistically clear and not overlapping. Avoid looking directly into the camera during a photo shoot, and instead pretend the photographer isn’t there. You will look much more relaxed and natural in your photos, especially if you are not used to being in front of the camera. Awkward laughter is the worst!

Pregnancy Photos Beach

You may be on vacation at the beach, but that doesn’t mean you have to get all the photos right.

Beach Maternity Shoot

The beach. If you’re staying at a luxury resort, take advantage of it and let your photographer use the beautiful surroundings as the perfect backdrop.

Keep your outfit simple like the one above with a minimal black or white swimsuit and some dainty gold jewelry and let your babe rock and shine that amazing pose.

Tip: If you’re shooting at a resort like the one pictured above, aim for sunrise shots in the middle of the day or sunset when there are fewer people around. People will be less likely to appear in the background of your photos and you will get beautiful colors in the sky.

This was my second maternity shoot while pregnant with my son and on vacation in Maui. I chose a light and flowy dress with lace details from Pinkblush Maternity

A Healthy Young Pregnant Woman In A Sarong Walks On A Beach Stock Photo

We shot at sunrise and I asked the photographer to keep the scene very airy and minimal.

– Grab a pair of sunglasses, a classic black swimsuit and let the photographer edit a high contrast black and white photo.

I love this beach maternity photo shoot idea because it is definitely one of a kind and for those who want to make a statement.

Pregnancy Photos Beach

Tip: Bring accessories like sunglasses, a sun hat, and a variety of jewelry. You can add or remove it during the photo shoot to get a different look on your photos.

Beach Maternity Photoshoot

If you don’t like the dress and you feel uncomfortable wearing it or it feels out of your personal style, don’t do it! Pull the top down with a pair of vintage jeans to create this super cute and casual look.

Also, not all beaches have warm temperatures, and you can find jeans and cute short sweaters for your baby to better adapt to the weather.

Tip: Sunset is another great time to do a maternity photo shoot on the beach. Unlike daytime, the sun will look more diffused and will give your beach a nice glow. If you are interested in sunsets, be sure to choose a photographer who is used to shooting at this time of day.

If you are a fan of the retro pin-up girl style, wear cute retro clothes and accessories for your beach maternity photo shoot. The look on the left looks very casual with Mama in a striped swimsuit and throwback dress, while the look on the right is a beach jumper pose with accessories and all.

The Cutest Pregnant Celebrity Beach Bumps

This cute Julia Berolzheimer look is a great casual option for photo shoots when you don’t want to be too fussy. The pink jumpsuit is feminine and fresh, and the look is perfect for a beach picnic.

Tip: a windy beach is not uncommon. You will almost certainly be exposed to the wind during the photo shoot, so be sure to bring a brush to prevent your hair from getting tangled and looking more messy during the shoot. Choppy beach waves are beautiful, but hair tangles are not!

If you’re inspired by all the fashion influencers, this beach maternity photo shoot idea might be perfect for you! Property

Pregnancy Photos Beach

Have fun with a stylish designer bag, a sun hat, clear sunglasses and a super cute bikini.

Beautiful Maternity Photoshoot In Nassau, Bahamas

Tip: Be mindful of your belongings. When taking pictures on the beach, you will be moving from one place to another while taking your pictures. Don’t forget to take your bag, shoes, sunglasses and other things with you during the move so nothing gets lost or stolen.

Paired with a black bathing suit, big sun hat, and cover up, these two are sleek, stylish, and the perfect way to show off your gorgeous baby bump.

This dress is really simple and doesn’t require much fuss. Find a beautiful beach scene, put on your swimsuit and have fun!

Tip: At the end of the photo session, take photos with a sun hat. If you plan to bring a hat, leave it out for the first photos and put it on last. You don’t want to keep it on and off during the session because you could end up messing up your hair and regretting it when you see your finished photos.

Del Mar Beach Maternity Pictures

This was my first maternity photo shoot on the beach in Maui when I was pregnant with my daughter. We wanted a soft, moody look with a vintage twist. Our photographer was amazing and made us feel very comfortable.

The blue tone of our dress complemented the bright blue of the sea and the result was spectacular.

Tip: never look back

Pregnancy Photos Beach

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