Pregnancy Korean Drama

Pregnancy Korean Drama – The Queen Mother would be proud of In Hyun. Seriously. This girl has a wicked right hook. Read on to find out what happens when the baby is thrown into the fascinating world of Jang Ok Jung.

Ok Jung confronts the inmates in the main hall and clearly states that she is pregnant. To explain it, he asked the royal doctor to arrive to confirm the diagnosis. Brackets are left unsupported; there’s no way they’re going to kick Ok Jung out if she’s pregnant with the king’s child.

Pregnancy Korean Drama

Pregnancy Korean Drama

Hyun finds out about the pregnancy and confronts Ok Jung – after all, he only agreed to let Ok Jung go before the clothespin if Ok Jung left the palace. Ok Jung reminds the queen that she never promised to go, she only stated that she wanted to see the kidnapper to tell the truth and ask questions. Hyun countered Ok Jung’s arrogance with two, I repeat, two punches. Ok Jung is shocked by the queen’s abuse.

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Meanwhile, the king was busy playing archery when Tuan Jin visited. The meeting is interrupted when the king announces that he has to go see the heiress, the pregnant Ok Jung. Master Jin moves into his palace quarters (as given to him in the last episode), where he meets Maid Choi. When he starts talking to her, she puts her hand over her mouth to silence him – the king and Ok Jung are strolling and she has the perfect vantage point.

Maid Choi quickly guesses what’s going on and tells Master Jin that she’s in the palace to steal – they’re the type to lust after each other’s possessions. Teacher Jin rejected his proposal and left, Maid Choi watched, her two goals solidifying in her mind.

A few months passed. Ok Jung was found choosing her makeup in a room full of maids – once she made her choice, word spread among the palace ladies that the color of the day was red. It seems like everyone has an Ok Jung fashion craze going on.

Suddenly, the scene of Ok Jung giving birth is cut. Wow, it seems like only twenty minutes ago that we found out she was pregnant! Okay, okay, I’ll stop with the literal speech. I promise. Okay Jung called his mother, labor pains hit him. The king was waiting outside helplessly when he heard her request.

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The Western party’s restraints are on pins and needles – if Ok Jung has children, her party is doomed. Hyun’s father scoffs at the idea of ​​Ok Jung being promoted from concubine to queen. He is guarded by his entire party – unlike his predecessors, this king has the strongest royal guard in history behind him.

Ok, Jung’s mother arrived at the palace gate. A royal inspector greets you. Angered by a former slave who used a vehicle reserved for the nobility, he kicked him out of the palanquin and abused the palanquin bearer. To emphasize the message of class-based transportation, he burned the palanquin. As the fire rages, maid Ok Jung appears on the scene and rushes back to report the incident to the king.

The king arrives at the palace gate and sees Inspector Lee disrespecting Ok Jung’s mother. He ordered the inspector removed from his post and put in his place for his actions. When Ok Jung’s mother is introduced, she angrily glares at the burning stretcher.

Pregnancy Korean Drama

Ok Jung was in labor when her mother arrived. The mother holds the daughter’s hand and guides her through the birth, within a minute the baby’s cry is heard.

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The king was invited to meet his son. Upon arriving at the delivery room, she was informed that the baby was a boy, her first child. Fortunately, she hugs Ok Jung and declares that her son will be given the title of Won Ja – a big deal, since that title is reserved for the queen’s eldest son.

Em Hyun is taking care of his father. They are interrupted by one of the courtiers – the baby has been born and as they fear, it is a boy. Hyun, clearly upset, announces that he will visit the newborn as this is a happy occasion for the country.

Hyun arrives at the delivery room just in time to hear the king announce that the baby will be called Won Ja a word that brings him to tears. He decided that visiting the happy family was inappropriate and retreated back to his apartment.

The next day, the supporters and the king met in the main hall. The Guardians congratulate His Majesty on his new patronymic and then begin to complain about Inspector Lee’s punishment. If a man who supports the Joseon class system is punished, what next? Seriously southern party, now you’re just being stupid. I don’t think it’s a good idea to tell the king that he was wrong in his punishment because it was all because of the mistreatment of Ok Jung’s mother. The king is angry (as expected) and tells his servant that he has made some decisions. How their new child was announced as Won Jak. Ninety percent of the prisoners are protesting (Western Party), while our only member of the Southern Party is thanking the King. We may know who will benefit from this decision.

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Hyun finally decided to go see the prince. She asks Ok Jung if she can keep the baby, Ok Jung emphasizes her son’s status as Won Ja and then agrees. Hyun cradled the baby and her face lit up when she saw him. Ok Jung looked at her son and the queen worriedly, the evil look on her face reminding her that In Hyun once promised to steal her son.

Suddenly, Ok Jung takes her baby back. Hyun responds by apologizing for the hooker who hit him when she was pregnant (wait, this is a 1998 Jerry Springer special, we married the same guy, but you got Prego first, so I hit you?!). Hyun tells Ok Jung that he shouldn’t be cruel to her. Otherwise the pot calls the black pot. When Hyun leaves, he thinks of his mother in law – raising the king’s son, even if that means the mother has to be Ok Jung.

The King meets with Uncle Jangin to discuss power. It seems he wants to overthrow the western ruling party to further centralize power, an idea that will immediately benefit the southern party (since at least one party is needed for this government, give and take as it is). Uncle Jang suggested that the king ally himself with the Southern Party and the merchants and officials who supported them. This proposal freed the king from his doubts due to the lack of business focus of the southern party.

Pregnancy Korean Drama

A secret meeting was underway as we sneakily infiltrated the king’s chief eunuch, allowing the man into the royal chamber. The mysterious guest is none other than a real doctor. The King has been feeling unwell of late – he has been diagnosed with the same liver disease that afflicted his father. The doctor warned him to try to stay calm or the illness might get worse.

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Prince D arrives (making it a must visit once in an episode). The king confessed to her that he had made a decision that justified his son.

Meanwhile, In Hyun and her father try to tell each other that it’s not that bad – until they realize that it is. The king cannot make Ok Jung’s son the heir, at least in a class society like Joseon. Your dear father indicated that if the king tried, he would be one step closer to overthrowing him. Hyun repeated the words and faced the reality of the situation.

Abdication is the next word we hear from the King, who formulates his plan to legitimize Prince D. The Prince looks surprised to hear the words “change queen”. Raja responded to the concerns of his friends that if the western party tried to overthrow him, he would drive the western party away. In other words, I am King Sukjong, I have power! The king asked Prince D to support him when he announced the legitimacy of his son the next day. Prince D looked worried, the situation was weighing heavily on him.

The king visits Ok Jung. The happy family was overjoyed when the king announced that Yoon would be his heir. He warns Ok Jung that the struggle to make this happen could be a long and painful one; OK Jung tells him he will take anything for so long

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