Pregnancy In French

Pregnancy In French – Take a first look at what French women go through during pregnancy. Giving birth is not easy, whether you are a first-time mother in France or not. We look at baby showers, benefits, maternity leave in France, medical care and more.

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Pregnancy In French

Pregnancy In French

Everyone loves babies. Well, maybe not all, but most. Many people love other people’s children even if they don’t want them. The French government loves French children. And they want to have more. All of this brings us to a major turning point for pregnancy in France.

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In general, the fertility rate in France is very low. It is considered a part of life, so it is not celebrated like it is in the US. French wedding before pregnancy.

And they don’t really ask “when are you planning to have a baby” like those busy aunties. Many will ask if you are pregnant or planning to have a baby if they see you avoiding the ubiquitous glass of wine. And that too between good friends.

Childbirth sounds scary in any language, but the French way of giving birth is to make it as easy as possible while keeping the birth high. So let’s dive in, shall we?

Health care in France is free and annual visits to the doctor are highly recommended, so medical expenses are not a problem.

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, the French government will pay for IVF and other treatments until the age of 43. There is some controversy surrounding this, since single women and LGBT couples are not included, but there is hope that this will change in the future. (As in most countries, conflicts are never-ending.)

So you’re just over three months old and ready to announce to the world that you’re “expecting a baby!” Except for France (or Paris), you’d better turn off Caps Lock. Most people here speak very low to their friends, usually while drinking (non-alcohol), and that’s okay.

From time to time your friends ask how the pregnancy is going and then they just wait for you to let them know that the baby has arrived. No gender reveal parties, baby showers, or anything like that.

Pregnancy In French

This may sound like a bit of a party, but who cares when you have 10 liters of water? Well, maybe not, but I have to say, I personally prefer the low-key approach. There was something smart and comfortable about keeping it between our family and avoiding all the commercial aspects.

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It’s also easier to avoid all the fuss when the pregnancy is difficult. Who feels like rocking and blowing a baby on a warm bed while waiting for important test results?

After the birth, friends come privately (so there is no party here) and discreetly give a small gift.

Now that you have a bun in the oven and you’ve realized that there are no extravagant gifts, let’s order that hospital. Most advice is to register early at the hospital of your choice, as places fill up quickly.

It’s like school districts, where your local hospital will take you if you’re in the hospital zone, but someone far away won’t. I think it is a good practice for future children: kindergarten, primary and middle school, high school, university, etc.

Pregnant French Woman In Beret Holding Bouquet On Beige Background Stock Photo

For the most part, I would suggest not sticking to the hospital closest to you. There are many doctors, sage-femme (medium) courses, and more. Personally, I appreciate the distance.

Maternity leave in France is 16 weeks and usually starts 6 weeks before the due date. There may also be overtime that your employer has negotiated with your contract, such as vacation time at work.

So an accounting partner in the insurance industry had 20 weeks, while an accounting partner in the banking industry had more than 30 weeks, even though they both had the same role. (I prefer to work in a French bank.)

Pregnancy In French

Now, if you’re in the US where there is no paid maternity leave, you’re thinking “wow, that’s great!” If you’re from Canada, where paid maternity leave is one year, you’re wondering:

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In all cases, paternity leave in France is 10 days. But I think it’s better than nothing.

So in general, the beloved carpet is not the best in France, but not bad either. In Canada, you only get a portion of your salary. In France you get all the money and you can take extras

(not bad) and with this advantage, France has the highest birth rate in Europe, less than 2 children per woman.

The 16 weeks are spread over several months, with a six-week suspension before the due date. You can push it up to 3 weeks before the birth, so you have more weeks after the birth, but your doctor has to sign off.

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Which is fully paid and does not count towards your 16-week allowance. This is especially true if you live in Paris, where people spend a lot of time on public transport, and you don’t want to get pregnant on the subway at 9 months.

(examination) at your regular gynecologist, but after that visits are at the clinic. There are three recommended ultrasounds (12, 23 and 32 weeks), but depending on your doctor, they may do more or less.

If your doctor does not have an ultrasound machine in his office, and he will send you to a hospital that has one (the disadvantage is that he will not be there and the results will be sent to them later).

Pregnancy In French

I chose a doctor who specializes in ultrasound and he does an ultrasound every time I see him every 3-4 weeks. Unless you go to a private hospital or doctor which is the same

Happy Pregnant Woman Eating French Fries…

, all costs are covered by the government, so this does not mean choosing your health care provider. (Americans, eat your heart out).

This may be surprising, but French doctors pay close attention to the weight you gain during pregnancy. Pregnancy is obviously not a reason to have it

Many French women like to watch their weight (contrary to some myths that may exist), so pregnancy should be different. The French government advises women to gain 12 kilograms during pregnancy and the doctor will try to keep it off.

No activity in French life would be complete without a little refinement, and birth is no different.

Pregnant French Woman In Beret With Outstretched Hands Smiling On Beige Background Stock Photo

I was so scared of all these colors, but it was really easy. The doctor fills it out and you just send it with the correct name and contact form.

Pregnant women often want to wait before telling their employer about their pregnancy. It is different from French companies.

However, one big advantage is that after you announce your pregnancy, you have the right to work about 5-15% less hours (at the same salary), or sometimes work from home one day a week. It depends on the type of work you do, so your Human Resources department will let you know.

Pregnancy In French

One thing I don’t understand is why a French baby is 41 weeks, while a North American baby is 40. Are French babies late?

Pregnant In France: First Steps For Your First Trimester

One explanation I found is that because they can’t accurately calculate the pregnancy, they add an extra week. I don’t understand, but I’m not a doctor.

Another thing to remember is that things like laughing gas, birthing pools, etc. are not common in all French hospitals. So if it is important, you should research before choosing a hospital.

More than 80 percent of French women give birth with an epidural, so hospitals are often helpless. The French friend said that the only question he had for the terrifying anesthesiologist was how soon he would come.

This is very traditional. It’s easy for many French women not to think about giving birth because their friends don’t. The personal experiences of others influence them.

Pregnant In France? How To Get Registered?

Which isn’t to say that I didn’t have a few French friends who wanted an extra option. Private clinics like Les Bluets in Paris are very popular and places fill up quickly because they offer so many natural options.

Now, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, can leave the hospital a few hours after giving birth, but you

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