Pregnancy Exercise Classes Boston

Pregnancy Exercise Classes Boston – Physical activity is important for overall health, but for pregnant women, the question of what – and how much – they should exercise often gets mixed feedback.

“As a general rule, every healthy woman with an uncomplicated pregnancy is advised that regular, almost daily exercise is the most important factor in pregnancy,” Dr. Gregory Davis of Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, told CBS News.

Pregnancy Exercise Classes Boston

Pregnancy Exercise Classes Boston

Using pregnancy guidelines from national organizations, such as the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, “should be followed because they should be evidence-based,” Davis said. Meanwhile, he noted, women’s favorite magazines, websites and social media “taught women to participate in heavy sports during pregnancy.”

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Davies is one of 16 scientists and doctors at the International Olympic Committee assembled to review existing medical data and report with guidelines for athletes, coaches and sports organizations on the evidence that exercise in pregnancy can have positive or negative effects on outcomes for the mother and her. child.

The second of the five research papers was published Wednesday in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

Previous concerns about exercise during pregnancy include fears that it could reduce blood flow to the fetus, which could increase the risk of miscarriage, or that it could reduce the amount of nutrients the fetus receives, thereby reducing birth weight.

It has also been shown that a high intensity of labor can lead to prolonged labor and a high risk of forced or caesarean section (C-section).

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Research has shown strong evidence that exercise during pregnancy does not increase the risk of preterm birth. It appears to reduce birth weight without risking the baby at birth.

There is also “supportive evidence” that the first stage of labor is shorter for women who exercise regularly and is not as effective as long-term exercise.

In addition, researchers found that vigorous exercise during pregnancy does not increase the risk of labor, forceps, or vacuum and may reduce the need for cesarean delivery.

Pregnancy Exercise Classes Boston

However, there are some caveats. Researchers have found that repeated weight gain during the first trimester of pregnancy may be associated with a risk of miscarriage, so they advise women not to do this activity.

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“As an elite athlete, the general advice would be to train to maintain but not build strength and power,” Davis said. “Elite athletes should discuss their training and risk of injury with their physician before considering competition during pregnancy.”

However, she notes that this does not diminish the fact that regular exercise is important for every pregnant woman.

“As a group, we remain concerned that fear of injury or outdated advice is preventing many women around the world from participating in regular exercise during pregnancy,” he said. “Women should know that remaining in the other state is associated with more serious problems, such as gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, toxemia and a baby that is too big to be born.”

Ph.D.Sc. Aaron Baggish, director of cardiology at the Massachusetts General Hospital Heart Center, points out that most exercises can be adapted to the needs of a pregnant woman.

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“Yoga is a classic example,” he told CBS News. “There are many yoga poses to avoid, especially in the second and third trimesters, that directly affect the back or abdomen, but yoga can be modified. Experts A good yoga teacher will work with pregnant women and can guide them through yoga challenges that are still enjoyable and fun without being dangerous.”

However, Baggish notes that women should stop exercising and call a doctor if they experience any of the following symptoms: vaginal bleeding, dizziness or fatigue, shortness of breath before exercise, chest pain, headache, weakness or abdominal pain. or swelling.

Finally, if women notice that they feel sluggish after exercising, this is a sign that their periods may have slowed down.

Pregnancy Exercise Classes Boston

“One of the first things to remember is that moderate, sustained exercise leaves you feeling energized for the rest of the day, not tired,” Baggish said. “So if a woman is abandoned and watered for a day, it is a sign that she should return.” Are you a Greater Boston mom looking for a (free) safe and supportive community? Click here and join us!

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Prenatal yoga is often recommended to expectant mothers. It has great benefits: it promotes relaxation, relaxes the stomach, helps open the hips and relieves back pain. ACOG recommends that this is a safe way to incorporate exercise into pregnancy. It used to be easy to find prenatal yoga in Boston, but many studios have closed or canceled in-person classes during the Covid period. However, many schools in the Boston area have reopened. To save you some time, I’ve done the research for you and compiled this list to help you find a studio near you!

Note: Always check with your gynecologist before starting any exercise program during pregnancy. A few studios still maintain some level of pandemic protection, so please double-check the websites before coming to make sure there are no surprises! Most of these studios allow you to pay per class or join a monthly membership.

Down Under School of Yoga has locations in South Boston, Brooklyn, Cambridge (Harvard Square and Porter Square), and Newton. In addition to prenatal yoga classes, they have many types of yoga that can be adapted to pregnancy. They have many classes each day so you can find something that fits your schedule. All Yoga Down Under instructors are vaccinated against Covid and promotions are also available for those interested in attending from home.

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There are also a number of postpartum programs available Down Under, with one goal of helping parents prepare for birth by giving them a healthy body, breath to use during contractions, and a desire to break the cycle of stress and pain. They also have Spinning Babies classes.

Also in South Boston, Radiant Yoga Boston is another studio that offers personal yoga. Prenatal Radiant Yoga classes in Boston aim to strengthen and heal the bodies of those bringing new life into the world. Many reviews mention how warm and welcoming the Radiant Yoga community is.

Next on the list of prenatal yoga studios in Boston is Blissful Monkey in Jamaica Plain. This studio offers several different yoga classes throughout the week, including prenatal yoga. Students are welcome to attend in person or online. They also offer music lessons for babies and toddlers.

Pregnancy Exercise Classes Boston

Located in Hudson, Synergy Wellness Center actually offers a specially discounted monthly membership that includes 5 yoga classes plus your choice of one of the following: 60-minute massage, reflexology, private yoga tug, or 50-minute acupuncture sessions. If you want a monthly membership, you can access additional yoga classes. For most courses, you can join in person or online.

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As the name suggests, Leckington Power Yoga (aka LPI: “Live: Practice: Yoke”) is based in Leckington, MA, but also has locations in Burlington and Woburn. Classes are also available online. LPI offers weekly prenatal yoga classes in the studio and also offers daily barre sessions. Barre is another great low-impact way for parents to increase or maintain strength (with some minor modifications to accommodate pregnancy), so if you’re looking for a studio where you’re not limited to yoga, LPI is a good choice. investigations.

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Pregnancy Exercise Classes Boston

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