Pregnancy Announcement Golf

Pregnancy Announcement Golf – I’m writing a blog I never thought of. Ironically, when I announced that I was pregnant with Elle, I wrote the name of the blog, “Life is full of surprises”. (Note to self: Hmm apparently the blog post didn’t move very well when we updated it in 2017. I need to fix the images in this post.)

Before I get into the details of this post, let me start with a funny story that made fun of myself and those involved… According to me said in the partnership announcement, I am a “bad blogger” (as he called it tongue in cheek . ) I waited seven months to announce my partnership. Good bloggers post their lives in real time, right? click blink.

Pregnancy Announcement Golf

Pregnancy Announcement Golf

Well, in addition to waiting so long to make this post, I broke another cardinal blogger rule. I will not post this post in multiple threads. You see, the “good blogger” will announce that she is pregnant and then wait and reveal the bigger sperm, and so on.

Pregnancy Announcement Custom Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

Not with me, friend! Here you get all the news in one post! Here it is – pregnancy announcement and real sex in one! Have.

I never expected to have children at that time in my life. And I appreciate that fact. But then he came along. And that is the greatest blessing I didn’t know I needed! I tell her all the time that she is the best girl in the world!

But when it all happened, Mark and I talked clearly that we were both happy with each other forever. Although he has no children of his own, he loves Elle as if she were his own. He loves her very much, spends a lot of time with her and considers it a necessary part of his life to help shape and build her in his life.

That’s the plan. Also, we got engaged earlier this year, and then we were going to have a small wedding this spring before covid hit.

Personalized Golf Ball Marker Baby Announcement For New Dad

Yes, you read that right. We are over halfway through this pregnancy, especially when you consider that Elle was born at 36 weeks.

We’ll definitely keep things for a while as we transition to the idea, as we do some testing to make sure everything is going well with the baby, etc.

I have been nauseous and tired for a week or so. But Mark had just gotten food poisoning, and I thought maybe I was catching a stomach bug.

Pregnancy Announcement Golf

But I just couldn’t overcome the weakness. I distinctly remember telling Mark that I couldn’t get up because I was tired from work. My body can’t handle it. I have to go home and sleep. My body was screaming for rest.

Maroochy River Golf Club |

Again, it’s not even on our radar in the slightest. He didn’t hear us talking about it, because it wasn’t the topic of conversation.

Mark and I both looked at each other in surprise. The next morning I took a pregnancy test.

I want to be honest and transparent here, because I think a lot of women paint pregnancy through rose-colored glasses. And maybe it’s all rainbows and sunshine for them! I’m sure being 43 doesn’t help. I’m sure living in a pandemic doesn’t help. I’m sure there were a lot of personal issues during my pregnancy.

So I’m not going to lie: This development is disappointing. We are two self-employed people who have gone through the unprecedented times of the global pandemic that has caused social and economic uncertainty, have children, live in the room that was small at the time, and so on.

Cooler Today, Scattered Showers Possible This Afternoon, Evening

Unexpected pregnancy at the age of 43 for me and with the development of the child everything went perfectly … this is not always the case! Therefore, we truly believe this is true in God’s plan for our family.

But, he has become a tough body. He was depressed. Trying to get your business off the ground when all this is hard. Some days I have no energy! I have been having uncontrollable vomiting for a few days. Some days I can’t eat. Some days I cry a lot. Some days are a real struggle.

But that doesn’t mean I should be one of those women who always look beautiful and have no complaints about pregnancy. Me

Pregnancy Announcement Golf

While I can talk more about this, I’ll save some thoughts for a Q&A at a later time. For now, let me touch on the subject of the pregnancy golf message and gender education.

I’m Going To Be A First Time Dad And This Is Our Little Announcement!

If golf is a big part of your family, as it is for us, you might also enjoy planning a golf-themed pregnancy announcement or gender reveal!

While this is a good idea, I want to warn you that the pressure on the golf ball is so small that it makes the text hard to read.

What we really like is the golf themed gender reveal! For those who don’t know, Mark actually played golf for a few years when he was younger. And I played racing growing up! So we knew we had to do something about golf.

The first idea is simple and fun: Use blue and red golf balls at different heights on the tees to represent your growing family! It’s a bit subtle, and some people may be slow to catch the message you’re trying to send. But in the end, they will have a picture to talk about!

Northwestern University Wildcats Golf Ball Pack Of 3 With N Cat Design

The next idea is a more common one: hitting the golf ball to express gender. While it’s a general idea, I’ve seen it used with mixed results. Well, I have researched many package options! I highly recommend this gentleman’s golf ball found on Etsy. Go ahead and upgrade the size to the XL ball and accessories to include all the confetti and powder and streamers. This will lead to amazing results!

I can’t end this post without sharing the most adorable look our photographer and friend Kate Robinson gave Elle…

Given the strange times we live in with health issues, we didn’t plan a big party for our gender reveal. We did something small and nice and rented a night at our golf course.

Pregnancy Announcement Golf

But of course you have to know about the gender! So we chose the lovely Kate. Our doctor told him about the sex, and then he knew to put a red or blue golf ball on the tee.

Inktastic Grampy’s Golf Buddy With Golf Ball Infant Bib Unisex White And Pink

Well, he took that information and bought a gift to open Elle that night! This Baby Brother doll is the cutest gift ever! And it really helps Elle to play the big sister role. He doesn’t go anywhere without a kid brother here, as he calls him! And he kept asking when his real brother would come out and play with him. Wow.

Therefore, I would like to get a gift for the older brothers to mark the occasion. I never thought of that, but that’s a great idea!

My dress – Emilia Collection | My clothes – Golden Goose. Earrings – Kendra Scott Elle Rose Gold Earrings | My Lipstick – Bobbi Brown Luxe Lipstick in Bluff Pink | My Nail Polish – Olive & June Honest & True Nail Polish

Her dress – Emilia Collection | his bow – crown of arrows | Her Shoes – Se Kai Running Sandals (On Sale)

Of The Best Baby Gender Reveal Ideas The Internet Has To Offer

Gender Reveal Golf Balls – Trust me, I did a lot of research on these…these are the best balls I have ever seen. For best results, upgrade the size to XL and upgrade the ingredients to include confetti, powder and streamers.

Finally, a big thank you to the lovely Kate Robinson for taking this photo at Royal Oaks Country Club

Thank you for joining us to celebrate this wonderful news. Although it has been very hard on the body, we are blessed and grateful that the boy is doing amazingly well. We appreciate your prayers for continued safety, pregnancy.

Pregnancy Announcement Golf

Also, in the spirit of being transparent and honest about pregnancy (especially later in life), I’ll be sitting along with questions and answers. If you have any questions for me, please send them in the comments section. I am happy to help others in any way I can.

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