Pregnancy After Breast Implant

Pregnancy After Breast Implant – Dr. Ennis offers consultations on transaxillary breast augmentation and implant surgery in her private practice in Boca Raton. FaceTime or Skype face-to-face consultations are popular options for bringing in out-of-town patients and even local residents.

To learn about transaxillary breast augmentation, read the guide below or call Ennis Plastic Surgeons at 561-405-9020. We’re here to help you get the look you want.

Pregnancy After Breast Implant

Pregnancy After Breast Implant

Breast augmentation surgery is a great option to improve the shape and size of your breasts. However, it is understandable that many women are concerned about maintaining the natural appearance of their breasts, especially because of scars. With breast augmentation surgery around the areola and under the breasts, women are left with scars around the breasts or in the folds of the breasts. Even if these scars are small and heal well, this is a clear indication of breast augmentation surgery.

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With breast augmentation surgery around the areola and under the breasts, women are left with scars around the breasts or in the folds of the breasts.

Fortunately, at Ennis Plastic Surgery, we are pleased to offer an alternative to endoscopic breast augmentation: the transaxillary breast augmentation. Transaxillary breast augmentation is performed endoscopically, without incisions (therefore no scars) in any part of the breast. This procedure is done by making a small incision under each armpit, leaving only a small, invisible scar.

Like other types of breast augmentation surgery, transaxial breast augmentation improves breast shape by increasing breast volume with implants. This method improves the number of women. In addition, implants can improve the appearance of the breasts after pregnancy and weight loss. The difference between an underarm breast augmentation and a conventional breast augmentation lies in the incision site and the method of insertion.

All breast augmentation procedures begin with a thorough and individualized consultation with a breast augmentation surgeon. During the consultation, you will review before and after photos to determine the size, shape and look you want. You will have the opportunity to “try on” different implants and breast sizes using the Vectra KST imaging system.

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This latest technology gives you a 3-dimensional visual representation of the expected result of the surgery. That way, after your breasts have healed and healed, you will have realistic expectations of how the implants will improve your appearance.

When you choose the size and shape of your breast implant, you can see exactly how it will look on you. You can swap them out for different sizes and “try them on” as needed to help you make a solid decision.

During the consultation, you and the surgeon will determine which breast augmentation procedure is best for your needs. If the transaxillary method is the most appropriate, the surgeon will evaluate the method and the expected recovery time. For women who, in addition to breast augmentation, also need breast augmentation, the transaxillary method is not the most suitable. This is because breast augmentation requires an incision in the breast tissue so that the breast implant can be inserted into the existing breast incision.

Pregnancy After Breast Implant

At Ennis Plastic Surgery, our doctors greatly value consultations as an opportunity to clearly identify a woman’s goals and needs. Our surgeons strive to make consultations useful, effective and motivating, ensuring that all questions are answered and that every woman walks away with confidence in her decision. surgery.

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The surgeon first makes an incision in the armpit near the natural fold of the skin. In this way, the healed scar can be well hidden. The doctor inserts an endoscope, a thin fiber-optic camera, into the incision. This endoscope allows a person to see the internal structure and guides the doctor during surgery. An endoscope allows observation and monitoring while minimizing bleeding and scarring.

Next, the plastic surgeon usually creates a pocket of implants behind the muscles of the chest wall. The installed bag is the location of the installation. Breast tissue and skin are stretched to create this pocket and hold the implant.

The cover is inserted through an underarm connector into a designed pocket. The doctor will check the size, symmetry and shape of the breasts and make sure that the implants are in the right position. Once the surgeon is satisfied with the placement of the breast and the appearance of the chest, the incision is closed with sutures and the sutures are closed very carefully to reduce the wound.

Breast surgery takes about one to two hours to complete. Transaxillary breast augmentation is performed under general anesthesia for patient safety and comfort. When the operation is complete and the surgeon is satisfied with the appearance of the chest, the incision is closed with stitches and the chest is wrapped in a gauze bandage to protect the healing tissue. Many women also wear surgical braces for support.

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Swelling can be expected, but it goes down quickly in the first few weeks after surgery. There will be pain from the procedure as the skin of the chest and breast are still stretched. However, the discomfort subsides quickly and can be controlled with pain medication.

Most women can go home after a few hours of recovery. Educate patients on appropriate breast care and follow-up guidelines. It is important to allow the patient to rest for several days to allow adequate and proper healing of the affected tissues. Exercise and weight lifting should be avoided for 4 to 6 weeks, but patients can return to work and housework after 1 week.

Ennis Plastic Surgeons is proud to offer advanced transaxillary breast augmentation. Dr. L. Scott Ennis specialized in this advanced technology and perfected the procedure over several years. He has extensive experience with the transaxillary procedure and has performed more than 3,000 endoscopic breast augmentation and breast replacement procedures on women from all over the world. He spoke to an international audience of plastic surgeons to discuss ways to use this technique to improve the results of surgery and beauty.

Pregnancy After Breast Implant

If you are interested in discussing how breast augmentation surgery can affect your appearance, please contact us for a consultation. On social media, I found information that had affected my life over the years, and even though I knew what I needed to do to get rid of it, I also knew that I was going through a journey that amazing emotional and personal growth.

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About five years ago I completed a grueling breastfeeding journey and lost the last of my baby weight. Like many moms, I’m self-conscious about my “new body” and I don’t feel like myself. I was under a lot of pressure trying to balance being a new mother, living in a new place, and starting a new job. I was full of self-doubt, lacked confidence and wanted my “old self” back. If I could go back and tell myself that I looked good and that “get well soon” would be nice, but life isn’t like that.

It didn’t take long before I got the chance to change my body and I thought it would make me go back to the way I was. I always felt like my parts weren’t right, especially after having a baby, so I got breast augmentation. I had saline implants, a “healthy” option, and I told the doctor I wanted to look natural. The surgery is not considered invasive and recovery is expected to take about three days. In fact it is so common that it can be done on most weekends and many women go back to work.

When I woke up from surgery, I felt like the air was being taken out of my lungs and there was a pile of bricks in my chest. I was in a lot of pain, there was a lot of pressure on my chest and I remember crying the day after the operation and regretting my decision. The pain lasted for several months and I expressed my concerns at each follow-up appointment, but the doctor assured me that everything was fine. ok, that it was part of the process and that maybe I didn’t handle the surgery well. So I silenced my anxiety, ignored my gut and my body’s signals that something was wrong. It was about three months after the surgery that I started to feel better and started to exercise. It wasn’t the “normal diagnosis” I hear so often, but I finally recovered and loved my new shape.

About a year and a half later, I became pregnant and various health problems began to appear. It started with terrible neck pain that never went away and finally

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