Otp Pregnancy Prompts

Otp Pregnancy Prompts – Hate is always foolish and love is always wise, that’s why I wrote it. on my phone If there are more…

The first time Mulder and Scully kiss at midnight, the world doesn’t end, leaving behind a decade and years of unresolved tension.

Otp Pregnancy Prompts

Otp Pregnancy Prompts

Mulder jokes about it, Scully gives him a small smile. No, it wasn’t, she replies. This is a new world that will be explored and mapped for years to come.

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When Mulder comes back from the dead, this is what the world looks like. Except for Scully. He can’t stop looking at her bulging belly; A world in itself. Once he saw the large bulge under the tight cotton shirt, the boy was clearly kicking and Mulder was shocked. Running away, reading a medical journal, Scully rests her hand and sighs deeply, more satisfied than he’s ever seen her, as she follows through with another kick. “I know,” Mulder begins, reaching out desperately, and Scully lifts her head, smiles at him, and takes his hand. He lay on his stomach, feeling the miracle done under his fingers. The world does not end; spreads out

The date is set. Not in stone, but in some cosmic constellation; In the yellow teeth of what refuses to die. Maybe there is hope, he whispers at night as it rains on the thin roof outside. Take a look at the crib where your miracle savior, like a little bird, is sleeping with his mouth slightly open. Love overwhelms him when he sees Scully. In his eyes, determination is the anchor. We don’t give up, seal your fate with a soft kiss on the lips. He thought the world would end if he came to know the truth. He thought it was falling around them, crushing them, tearing them apart. The world, in the room of this humble motel, continues to change.

They look at the calendar, hear the clock tick, tick, tick, tick. The three stayed together. Mulder and Scully look at each other, communicating wordlessly. In between, William looks at them both, trying to understand. The world is about to change, Mulder had told him months ago, and his voice breaks at the word change. It’s over, he wanted to say, but he couldn’t. His son, his swift, swift son, still so young, so curious, does not deserve all this. It’s okay – William laughs now; Her mother’s long hair pulled her face, her whole face. Did we get the date wrong? Stunned, Mulder shakes his head, smiles at his son, kisses the love of his life, the savior of his chastity. Nothing happens that night, the next day, or at any other time. The world is not ending at all.

The world won’t end, Mulder thinks now as he looks at his son sitting in front of him. The guy who just confessed that his girlfriend is pregnant.

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The boy’s legs are so long that they almost touch his knees. Beside him, Scully falls silent. He can feel the anger boiling inside him, stirring dangerously.

“I’m sorry.” The boy mutters, his eyes fixed on the floor, his dirty brown hair falling like a veil in front of his face. He forgot to wash it this morning.

“Sorry.” Scully repeats softly, disbelief in her voice. “We talked about it, William.” We ask you to make an informed choice. We thought…” He pauses, covers his nose and fists his eyes.

Otp Pregnancy Prompts

“I didn’t mean to do that,” William’s voice breaks, no longer the boy’s, full of tears. “II-We’ve always been careful. I don’t know… I don’t know how it happened, mom. I don’t know.”

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“I don’t know,” Scully says to no one. There are tears in the girl’s eyes. Furious and desperate tears that come out in spite of themselves.

“What are you going to do now?” Mulder asks his son, who angrily wipes the tears from his sweater sleeve. It used to be her, Mulder suddenly realizes. The perfect fit for your child; Not too big and not too small.

“Pregnant,” Scully told her, the word echoing in the living room, “pregnant. Like she had to remind herself, the three of them, what it was all about.

“Um… is that because of her?” He sees Mulder and then Scully, both waiting for him to continue. “I told him that…I’ll support him. Whatever you decide.” Mulder feels proud, thinking they must have done something right by picking him up.

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“Help him.” How, William? You’re both still in school. You should start university next year. You’ve been waiting a long time.” His voice faltering, Mulder reaches out, touches her hand, and calms down.

“I know, Mom,” a stream of tears rolled down her face, “I didn’t mean for that to happen. I love Sarah. I do. I want to go to college, but I won’t leave him alone.” Mother and son look at each other for a moment, Mulder now just a bystander, he can only watch helplessly, and before he knows it, Scully reaches out and grabs her son, her son. grab her and hug her tightly. William begins to cry heavily as Scully’s own tears are lost in his hair. Mulder gives them this moment, briefly until he can’t take it anymore. He hugs his family and assures them that everything will be okay and that they will recover no matter what.

“It’s not the end of the world,” Mulder breathes into Scully’s face and laughs a moment later. The sadness is still deep, but it seems to have come and gone like her tears. Together they are invincible. They stay together. “We’ll work it out. We always do.”

Otp Pregnancy Prompts

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