Mothers Who Vaped During Pregnancy Forum 2020

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My little man was born on September 10th at 38 weeks and 3 days, and that means quite a bit. He was only 5 pounds at birth. Despite being healthy with a good heart and lungs, my weight gain was a direct result of my selfishness. I know it’s hard to let go, I tell myself every day that I will push through and I won’t give up. I smoke cigarettes from a pipe, finally one of the juul vape, cigarettes a few times, and back to cigarettes from a pipe.

Mothers Who Vaped During Pregnancy Forum 2020

Mothers Who Vaped During Pregnancy Forum 2020

I am so thankful that my son is healthy, but not a day goes by that I don’t look at how small he is and feel guilty. I can’t take it back or thank him, it is what it is.

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He has very common jaundice, so right from the start, I helped him gain about seven kilos very quickly.

She is beautiful 🥰 I am so happy that she is healthy and gaining weight fast. He will see that he can’t beat himself xx thanks for sharing

I have the same problem 🙁 I’m 25 weeks, and I’m not reducing it either. My mom has cancer and my husband wants to leave me too.. I also smoke 2 other women, it’s good. They only smoke for 5 days I’m so tired that there are days when I don’t want to get pregnant anymore and I don’t want to live anymore 🙁

How much did you smoke last trimester? How many cigs or pipes? And what vape has a high dose of nicotine? I am 24 weeks of smoking for about 3 days and then I have 0 nicotine vape. Try not to own a cigar and just vape when I can…

Pdf) Smoking, Vaping And Pregnancy. American Thoracic Society’s Patient Education

The cigarette is not complete, maybe a few wears every day or here and there, but I will take many rips of the tobacco pipe. I’ve had a juul that I’ve been using on and off for a few weeks (like on and off) I think it’s fine

I smoked with my daughter who is almost 4 and she came out 9 pounds!! I am 32 weeks with a boy and I smoke in the front and he is bigger in the front than a daughter. It’s sad but I want to quit smoking but I can’t. I had to lock myself in a place for a week to stop smoking

It makes me wonder if it really depends on the person and the situation I’m also very stressed between moving twice and terrible relationship problems

Mothers Who Vaped During Pregnancy Forum 2020

I just realized I could have had worse and I was very lucky but I hope someone else has the courage to quit

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I smoked throughout the pregnancy. Sometimes a box a day, until I’m 18 weeks, then I smoke between 4 and 10, until I give birth.

My son was born at 41 weeks, 3 250 kg, 51 cm abd in perfect health (8 months now)

It is not necessary that he was born smaller because of smoking. Sometimes babies are born smaller, but at 2 years old no one can tell who was born small and who was born big!

I also tried to quit smoking but I was under so much stress (my grandmother died the week I was pregnant, then another grandmother died of the flu the week I was supposed to) that every time I tried I would have a seizure -terrible panic attack no. to do this. smoke

Pdf) Risk Perception Of Cigarette And E Cigarette Use During Pregnancy: A Qualitative Postpartum Perspective

I am also and have always been guilty but happy to have a healthy nine pound baby. Maybe it’s genetics.

I’m going through the same thing, it’s so hard to quit, I’m 6 weeks and about 10 cigarettes a day.. I cut down from 25 to 10.. so hard..

I know many mothers who smoke and smoke and the babies are as healthy as horses!!

Mothers Who Vaped During Pregnancy Forum 2020

I also smoke cigarettes from a pipe! I felt terrible and made it to 12 weeks pregnant

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One day my husband found out and threw away all my packages. From that day until 2 weeks after the baby arrived, I stopped doing it. it’s definitely hard. a lot, but I can handle it. just focus on doing other things like tea with a walk or work.

I went back to smoking pipe but stopped breastfeeding due to low supply. a lot of love don’t beat yourself up about the weight that’s really cute. ❤🌟💞

I also smoked throughout the pregnancy and 5 years later my son was in a diabetic coma. He is now a type 1 diabetic for life. I smoke marijuana at least a gram or two a day combined with a swisher cigarillo. I also smoke Newport cigarettes. I don’t know what’s coming. My daughter got sick a few days after her 5th birthday… 6 months after having a very healthy son because my body wouldn’t let me smoke with him; or even around people who smoke.

Oh sorry. 😔 Maybe that has something to do with marijuana. I’ve heard that before.

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I smoked all my pregnancies with my first born. I was 5’2 before I got pregnant, I was 98lbs at last checkup (high risk of stressing me out waiting for a miscarriage, doctor said it’s likely to happen but give birth to a healthy baby). two cigarettes and “green beans” ik. he was 5lbs13oz and 18inches @ birth, grew into a healthy boy. 2 years old, 2ft almost 3, and 33 lbs now. no breathing problems at all, and he is very active.

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Mothers Who Vaped During Pregnancy Forum 2020

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Vaping has become a hit for many people over the years. They say it can help you quit smoking and is less harmful than traditional tobacco cigarettes. But does secondhand smoke or vape affect pregnancy?

We all know that smoking is bad for pregnant women, even cigarette smoke. This will cause many complications during pregnancy and also for the baby. What if you are pregnant and your spouse or partner vape? Are you wondering how second hand vape will affect you when you are pregnant?

Vaping or e-cigarettes are different from smoking as we know it. Traditional cigarettes actually burn tobacco leaves to create smoke. But both vaping and smoking release or contain nicotine. But people say that vaping is more dangerous than smoking the traditional way. It means less dangerous, less harmful.

Mothers Who Vaped During Pregnancy Forum 2020

You need it

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