Harry Potter Pregnancy Announcement

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Adding a new wizard to your family This Harry Potter pregnancy announcement will make you cry: “Merlin’s slowest shirt!” “I believe, I swear we don’t deserve it,” and the baby steps on the Marauder map, my geek heart couldn’t get over the irony/humour of this baby announcement.

Harry Potter Pregnancy Announcement

It’s an instant download on Etsy so you can download, print, and present to your partner, family, or Potterphile friends from the Hogwarts baby announcement section. Don’t forget to add the pregnancy test to the magic wand section!

Expecto Infantum! Pregnancy Announcement Sweatshirt

Are you expecting wizards or muggles? Are you going to announce your pregnancy with Little Potter soon?

I just found out I’m pregnant. I had a very successful first pregnancy which resulted in a beautiful daughter. and the second thing of pregnancy I haven’t got six weeks yet. I want to tell everyone about this 3rd pregnancy, but I also don’t want to be embarrassed if it turns into another chemical schedule. And I had to explain myself… again.

Catherine Clark spends a lot of time in the local library, makes pictures, watches a lot of movies. Play video games and board games. healthy junk food Dress up her fur baby and blog at BijouxandBits.com. The design is now available for the four houses of Hogwarts: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin in chalkboard or blackboard format. You can share information about your growing family with a pregnancy announcement that can be uploaded and printed. Perfect for parents to post or post online!

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Super Cute Harry Potter Nursery Ideas For Your Baby In Sep 2022

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Hankious Pankious Potter Pregnancy Announcement Shirt Gender Reveal

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Images and designs are created by Chrispix’s Creations and are protected by national and international copyright laws. Any licensed images used in the design are free and not for sale. Letters are copyrighted by their original owners. (The Licensee’s digital reproduction or creation may not be shared, distributed or sold, and limited rights may not be transferred to anyone for any reason). Designs are for one-time use only. Your price represents the cost and time involved in making your custom copies. My husband and I decided with our first child that we wanted a title for each child that revealed we were pregnant. what is the gender of the baby and we want the Set we bring the children home with is the same. But the first one was too small to fit a newborn baby. This makes the process much more enjoyable. And I think it helps my husband to be more involved. Because we decided to do a lot of homework for each child. Personally, I love all the cutesy reveals: colorful cookies, confetti, etc. But it also pushes me to be creative and create something unique and true to my quirky personality.

With our first child, we did a Star Wars theme because my husband is a huge fan! And we want our second child to be Harry Potter themed! Our next one might be Marvel / Superhero And I’m not sure about the number 4, we think we need four. But you don’t know!

These Parents Gave Their Newborn The Most Magical ‘harry Potter’ Photo Shoot Ever

Then when I found out I was pregnant with this child it was 2 weeks before my due date. And I want to surprise my husband and tell him about our anniversary! It is very difficult! At first I did something stupid about having 2 of us and 2 kids and having a family of four in the fourth year of marriage blah blah blah… but then I remembered the Harry Potter theme and I left the comment. I made a cute Marauders map and put a pregnancy test inside! At this point I can only guess how far they are. So I expect my last day to be in March. So I didn’t clarify. I wrapped him in a new Gryffindor shirt I got at Target and gave it to him. I tried to save him but honestly he told me not to save me… in retrospect I should have hid my phone. And I’m so sad because his response is so important and so good!

We decided to tell his family first because we told my mother the first and last time. I created a new Marauders map with ultrasound on it. (because the stick you pissed off might not look good to tell your family) and the actual last day and I just sent my mom a map. They were really surprised but they were happy for us! When I told the family that my mother and sister cried… I am not surprised that my mother cried because she did Dominic. But I was surprised when Marissa cried lol she didn’t cry for my first child! You can purchase digital downloads for the Marauders Map in 8×10 and 11×14 sizes in my Etsy shop here. After folding, the dimensions are cut in half, so they are very small.

Also, another tip to make folding leaflets easier. You can use a piece of paper and make a line to mark. Insert the line you want to mark into the groove and slide the back of the butter knife along the groove. Then fold.

So for the gender reveal we wanted to stick to the Harry Potter theme so we created a cool Sorting Hat that can be printed with the words “Only a Sorting Hat Can See a Witch or Wizard.” Cardboard and leather in the mail

Funny & Unique Pregnancy Announcements

First, get a large plate and draw a circle on thick cardboard and cut it out.

Next, make a cone from a thin cardboard or cereal box and glue it. Then trim the bottom to make it smooth and even.

Attach masking tape to the base of the circle. (I had to use my clear tape because I forgot that the scotch tape was with my gas machine and I couldn’t find it.) It doesn’t matter what tape you use . But since you’re creating and creating, cheap tapes are good so you can stick on nice clear tapes to wrap gifts and stuff haha! Then cut out different shapes. Take out the cardboard to shape the eyebrows and the mouth and stick them with adhesive tape.

Wrap the brown paper around the cardstock, shaping the mouth and eyes with hot glue as you go. after that step You can use a little ink or sometimes paint and it’s a little embarrassing. use brown and black

Slytherin Harry Potter Pregnancy Announcement

I added black to the areas of her eyes and mouth for an extra look. and pulling out my brown ink papers Crinkles and creases for a vintage look.

The following sections are optional. Use whatever box you have. But I always have many boxes of diapers. and save and reuse for storage So I’m holding this box in my hand. I glued the top cover, cut the hinges on the sides of the box and shortened the fabric a little. to use as a latch I then wrapped the box in brown leather again, attached the sorting hat to the lid and attached the printed paper to the front of the box.

For the print I used red and blue for the gender section to coordinate with the colors of Harry Potter’s house. You can find the Gender Reveal print for sale in my Etsy shop here. The box is a little small.

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