Gentle Parenting Toddler Tantrums

Gentle Parenting Toddler Tantrums – Gentle parenting is a style that supports accepting children the way they are and raising them the way they want to be, not the way we want them to be.

When I was expecting my baby, I was sure that I was ready to handle my baby perfectly. But as they say, you’re never ready to be a parent until you do. And I learned this when I realized that my son reacts more emotionally to situations than other children. in his age. I prepared for “outbursts” and “naughties” … but not for this. I began researching other parenting styles to learn how to deal with my highly sensitive child.

Gentle Parenting Toddler Tantrums

Gentle Parenting Toddler Tantrums

I came across The Gentle Parenting Book by Sarah Ocwell-Smith. Gentle parenting is a style that supports accepting children the way they are and raising them the way they want to be, not the way we want them to be. At its core, this is parenting that pays great attention to the child’s needs and responds carefully to those unmet needs.

No Timeouts, No Yelling: The Gentle Nonsense Of A Tiktok Parenting Meme — The Information

It stands on the four pillars of empathy, respect, understanding and boundaries. The gentle parenting style believes that the outburst is not because the child is being manipulated, but because he is under some stress. Instead of punishing or reacting harshly to this behavior, it is important to understand the cause so that you can avoid and deal with such behavior in the future.

It is also important to understand that children are not small adults. Their emotional maturity is still developing and expecting the same behaviors we expect from adults such as sharing toys, sitting in public, is beyond a child’s brain development. Gentle parenting requires parents to set their own expectations for their child’s age. This does not mean relaxed parenting where every child’s behavior is accepted. This means setting firm boundaries for the few things that matter, and firm and constant reminders of those chosen boundaries. Gentle parents say that children mirror the actions of adults and we should model the same behavior that we want our children to display and act as a good reflection for children.

When I watch television these days, I am amazed at the amount of early education that the system forces on children. Everyone expects their child to be the next Steve Jobs even before they are born. Kids are enrolled in coding classes before they learn their ABCs!. As parents, I think that maybe we just need to focus on Be clear about one thing – let the children be themselves! Often when you walk into a toy store, the first question you are asked is – is it for girls or boys? How important is it? Girls can play with toy cars and boys can spend hours in his imaginary kitchen. Why are girls’ designs and palettes full of pink and princesses, and boys’ colors full of red, black, and superheroes?

Children are naturally gifted with a large amount of creativity and imagination, at least in the first few years of life. They do not fall victim to fixed ideas that have become part of our thinking immediately. It is difficult, but not impossible, to keep our children away from such prejudices and let them explore their innate abilities. While learning the ABCs is important, more important is interacting with their environment, which increases their natural curiosity and is the best source of learning for them. So I firmly believe in leaving my son alone and hope to encourage parents and their children to do the same.

Why You Shouldn’t Punish Tantrums And What You Can Do Instead Parenting From The Heart

As author Naomi Aldort claims, “Children don’t want us to shape them, they want us to meet who they are.”

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Gentle Parenting Toddler Tantrums

Yes, I am talking about loud noises in public and at home where your little one seems to be almost lost. Your adorable baby seems to have lost all his senses and is crying loudly and doesn’t care who is looking at him. The worst part is that the reason they do this may be very trivial or sometimes it may be nothing at all.

Year Old Tantrums, And How To Handle Them Like A Pro With Gentle Parenting (so You Don’t Feel Guilty Later!)

It’s all over, it makes you angry, it confuses you and you don’t know what to do in a situation like this when your child just won’t listen to you.

Sometimes it is impossible to pick them up because your hands are full and you have no choice to let them go through these feelings and wait for them to calm down, or worse, you have to pull them out of the place. This has happened to me a few times when I was carrying my child and my child was going through difficult emotions in public.

It’s hard mom, and I’m with you on that, but it’s so important to understand why most of your sweet children are so horrible.

This age of 1-3 years is probably the biggest challenge for their brain development. It requires more stimulation than it can handle. In addition, they do not know how to control their impulses and become overstimulated, tired, and hungry (hungry + angry) off the table. It’s hard for them too.

Tantrums Are Normal But Some Are Avoidable, Here’s How

Simply put, children often throw tantrums when they are told no to what they do or want, or when they leave a fun place.

When they were children; They depend on you a lot, but when they reach that age where they can walk, eat and say a few words to express their thoughts, they think they know everything.

They want to do everything themselves, make all their own decisions, even decisions they are not ready for, so when we tell them they can’t do it, it makes them angry and frustrated, and even more so because they can’t do it. Express this to you. Because of this, the emotional failure, which is also known as childhood agitation.

Gentle Parenting Toddler Tantrums

Children are at a fun age when they know what they like to do. So they want to keep doing it, they still don’t understand the concept of going back to what they love to do. For them, when you ask them to leave something or a place, it feels like forever.

What To Do When Kids Have Tantrums In Public Places

Even when you tell them you can come back, or you can do this tomorrow morning, or we will buy it later, it all falls on deaf ears; Because their panic reaction starts as soon as they feel the answer will be NO or CAN’T. Their brain shuts down, they have tons of emotions, they are not in the listening range. It’s very fast.

As children grow older, they sometimes add harsh and hurtful words to their chaos; Such as “I want to be with dad; I don’t like you” or vice versa. They are not harmful on purpose; They just feel more independent than they did a few months ago with the addition of words, but they still don’t understand it, so they throw out words like that. This article is about what to do when a child says what it means to help. You put things into perspective.

So we must be wise. How to break this cycle; You need to reach out to them before you turn them off from what they like.

Ideally, you should get down to their level; Admittedly they feel good about this and it’s cool and fun. And tell them it has to stop because we have to move on to the next agenda of the day, whether it’s dinner time, bed time, or leaving the place and going home. Even when they want you to buy something, but you can’t buy it; First of all admit it’s great and fun but we can’t have it right now.

I Responded To My Toddler’s Tantrums With Empathy

It’s not like a quick work or a stupid way, you’ll still get some encouragement, but it’s an honest way and your child will feel heard.

This link will help you a lot. Your child will listen to you more often and eventually it will be easier for him to let these things go, he will understand and trust you more. Because they heard with sincerity.

You are the most important person in your child’s life; They are more valuable than other objects or places, and when you have Be honest with them, they are very accepting.

Gentle Parenting Toddler Tantrums

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