Frida Mom Pillow Pregnancy

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While movies often portray pregnancy as a magical time when pregnant women are resplendent and beautiful, the reality is harsh when the swelling starts to make it hard to sleep. From night sweats to leg cramps to feeling like a dove is clinging to your back, many moms-to-be will be very comfortable with a pregnancy pillow to help them get a great night’s sleep again. necessary, needs.

Frida Mom Pillow Pregnancy

Frida Mom Pillow Pregnancy

When I first got pregnant, I scoffed at the idea of ​​buying a $70 pillow that looked like a body-honoring pillow. But as my pregnancy progressed and I started to shake, I changed my mind. The swellings kept me from sleeping without a half-dozen pillows on top of my growing body at night, so I finally made it. Frida Mom Adjustable Keep Cool Pregnancy Pillow

With all the options available to us many times on our phones, how do we decide which one to spend? To help you, we’ve listed the top features of each pregnancy pillow to make it easy for expectant moms to shop for this life-enhancing pillow.

While many pregnancy pillows focus on supporting your pregnant belly, this pillow also provides good support for your back. Register with us – Online Global Registration + Mobile App + In-store Image + Rewards Sign Up + Concierge Sign Up + Duty Free Shopping

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No matter how far you go, finding a comfortable sleeping position during pregnancy is impossible. Get a much-needed sleep with the Comfort – Cool Pregnancy Pillow. Move to horizontal, vertical pillow style! Twist, bend and squeeze into any position giving you the support you need day and night.

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Frida Mom Pillow Pregnancy

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Frida Mom Pillow Pregnancy

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