Earn While You Learn Program Pregnancy Center

Earn While You Learn Program Pregnancy Center – Get While You Learn (EWYL) is Next Step’s free educational program available to women and men of all ages, including youth. People complete lessons on topics of interest by watching videos and completing accompanying questionnaires. In the process, customers earn boutique currency – the local currency of our Next Step boutique.

Next Step’s Earn Time Learning program is delivered through Brightcourse, a comprehensive collection of online and digital courses. Customers create their own unique Brightcourse profile through Next Step PRC, allowing customer advocates to easily track which courses have been completed and recommend content to customers based on their current situation. Customers then watch the lessons in our offices and fill out the appropriate questionnaires on the provided tablets. Clients also have the option of viewing content and completing lessons at home; talk to your client’s attorney to learn more!

Earn While You Learn Program Pregnancy Center

Earn While You Learn Program Pregnancy Center

Next Step PRC currently has over 200 different Earn As You Learn courses available, on a variety of topics including pregnancy, childhood, children, parenting, life skills, partnerships and parenting. To view a list of available themes, click the link below:

Earn As You Learn Program — Options Pregnancy Center

People can also earn money from the boutique by completing book reports, taking accredited community courses and attending maternity classes at the Grande Ronde Hospital. Do you have an idea? Talk to your client’s attorney – the possibilities are endless!

We encourage prospective customers to bring the child’s father whenever possible – couples can study together and combine funds from their boutique for extra buying power! Furthermore, customers are always invited to bring their support (although their money cannot be combined): mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, sister, brother or friend. All guests can bring their own children.

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