Does Pregnancy Cause Wisdom Teeth To Come In

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Dealing with the emergence of wisdom teeth is a difficult and busy time in everyone’s life. If you are a pregnant woman, the onset of your wisdom teeth can still cause problems. If you experience wisdom teeth pain during pregnancy, Dr. Our healthcare professionals at the Andres de Cárdenas offices can help you decide how to proceed and provide effective treatment options.

Does Pregnancy Cause Wisdom Teeth To Come In

Does Pregnancy Cause Wisdom Teeth To Come In

While pregnancy doesn’t interfere with every aspect of your life, there are some things that medical experts insist you should avoid before having a baby. One of them is to avoid the need for general anesthesia. When exposed to general anesthesia, especially in the first trimester, women are at risk of complications such as premature birth and birth defects.

Do Your Teeth Shift After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

As you know, specialists usually use anesthesia when removing wisdom teeth. This helps protect the patients as much as possible from unnecessary pain and suffering. It is also a common method to avoid fear or anxiety that the patient may experience about having their wisdom teeth removed during pregnancy. Often, if the anesthesia is strong enough, you will not remember anything about the procedure. Although this seems like the best option, it is not always safe depending on the current health condition and medical history of the person.

However, the removal of wisdom teeth during pregnancy does not require general anesthesia. At the offices of Dr. Andres de Cárdenas, we always consult with our patients before engaging in any dental procedure, and our team will walk you through each step.

If you are pregnant and concerned about the effects of general anesthesia on your baby’s development, we can always solve the problem and find alternative solutions. Dr. De Cardenas has several years of experience in the field and is specially trained to handle these types of conditions.

Pregnant women are usually only advised to opt for general anesthesia if they need surgery that proves life-threatening. If the pain caused by your wisdom teeth is mild, the best option is to wait until they are removed after you give birth. However, if the pain is unbearable, it is safe to proceed with surgery as long as you choose local anesthesia instead of general anesthesia.

Wisdom Teeth Removal: What To Expect Before, During, And After

Local anesthesia will still ensure that you are unconscious during the procedure and will not experience any pain or discomfort, but you will still be conscious during the procedure. Many people have followed this path for many reasons and are satisfied with the experience.

The need to remove wisdom teeth during pregnancy is an event that many women face. If you work with a professional, you don’t have to be afraid of complications. Together, you will be able to identify a course of action that fits your current situation and protects the health of your growing baby.

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Does Pregnancy Cause Wisdom Teeth To Come In

Having wisdom teeth removed is a rite of passage for many people in their late teens and early 20s. But why don’t our permanent teeth come in during childhood?

The Importance Of Dental Health During Pregnancy

The answer comes down to the development of the child. According to an October 2021 study in the journal Science Advances, there isn’t enough room in a baby’s jaw for wisdom teeth to come through. But as a child grows, their jaws and wisdom teeth are more likely to erupt. new chapter).

However, most modern human jaws do not grow long enough for wisdom teeth to come in without problems, so wisdom tooth removal is common. Again, this is due to the growth of the child. Ancient people ate a diet full of hard nuts, raw vegetables, game meat and other hard foods. Following this diet as a teenager actually lengthens the jaw, wrote Julia Bogner, an anthropologist at the University of Saskatchewan School of Medicine in Canada, in The Conversation (opens in a new tab). But because people in industrialized countries are forced to eat bland food, we have begun to increase the capacity of our jaw to grow.

Another reason to have wisdom teeth at a young age is that they are not needed until then. When ancient people chewed hard food or lost their teeth, wisdom teeth – the third set of teeth – took their place. “These are backups for someone who has lost another molar,” says Steven Kupferman, MD, an oral surgeon at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles. But most people don’t lose their teeth as children, so wisdom teeth wait until adulthood. In other words, when you lose your teeth or lose them as a child or teenager, your wisdom teeth are designed to fill the gap.

The first set of permanent teeth, or teeth in the back of the mouth designed for chewing food, first appear around age 6 when a child loses their baby teeth. Around age 12, second molars appear, and they serve as a backup for the 6-year-old molars in case cavities form, Kupferman told Live Science. Third teeth or wisdom teeth appear between the ages of 17 and 21.

Tooth Extraction Safety During Pregnancy

Nowadays, dentists often remove wisdom teeth because their eruption can cause pain in the crowded mouth. Even if a person does not experience pain, removing wisdom teeth at a young age can prevent health problems such as gum infections. Dentists and oral surgeons generally do not remove wisdom teeth after age 27 as a preventative measure because of the increased risk of complications such as damage to the surrounding nerves. However, people can remove their teeth after this age, usually due to problems such as pain.

Most people have 32 teeth, including four wisdom teeth. But some have more or less, and some may lose their wisdom teeth altogether, Cooperman said. Others may have a fourth molar behind each wisdom tooth called a parmolar. There is no room for molars in the modern human mouth, so they are always removed as wisdom teeth.

But not everyone removes their teeth. “Even today, when people have teeth pulled for braces, they often keep their wisdom teeth because they have enough space,” Kupferman said.

Does Pregnancy Cause Wisdom Teeth To Come In

However, keeping your wisdom teeth can cause problems. Not all wisdom teeth break through the gums in the late teens and early 20s. But as a person ages and their gums shrink, their wisdom teeth fall out sooner. In this case, the wisdom teeth come partially through the gums, so they are susceptible to cavities and therefore need to be removed, Kupferman said.

Gum Pain: Reasons Why Your Gums Hurt & Finding Relief

“There are naysayers who say that all surgeons are trying to make money by pulling wisdom teeth, but I think if you know someone who’s young and you’ve only seen a few x-rays, you know where’ You take them for granted.” good reason. The third tooth,” Cooperman said.

Taylor Santora is the editor of Fatherly Health & Science and a freelance science journalist based in Colorado who covers all things science, health and the environment, especially as it relates to underserved communities. They have written for Popular Science, Scientific American, Business Insider, and more. Taylor holds a bachelor’s degree in biology from Oberlin College and a master’s degree in science journalism from New York University. How will my baby’s teeth develop in utero? Your baby may not get his first tooth until six months (Moore et al 2019, NICE 2019, Wright 2019), but did you know that his teeth start to grow in the first few weeks of pregnancy (Moore et al 2019)?

At eight weeks, your baby’s cough will begin to form (Hale 2020, Moore et al. 2019, Wright 2019). They begin as two U-shaped bands of tissue that follow the contours of the upper and lower extremities (Moore et al 2019).

At nine weeks, two rows of 10 small teeth develop at the top and bottom of each gum. These buds turn into 20 baby teeth that eventually fall out in childhood (Moore et al 2019).

Wisdom Teeth Removal (extraction): Procedure, Cost, Risks And Recovery

In the tenth week of pregnancy, your baby’s teeth grow. First, each looks like a hat (Hale 2020, Moore et al. 2019). Then, at 12 to 16 weeks, they develop into a bell shape (Hill 2020, Moore et al 2019).

In the knee growth phase, the cells

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