Cody Teen Pregnancy

Cody Teen Pregnancy – Ellen Page (left) has been nominated for a Best Actress Golden Globe Award for her role as a pregnant high school girl in the movie Juno.

The film is written as a coming-of-age story. Diablo screenwriter Cody said she didn’t realize the bigger issues she was opening up when she wrote it.

Cody Teen Pregnancy

Cody Teen Pregnancy

“It’s quite a controversial topic,” Cody said. “It hadn’t occurred to me, to be honest, not because I intended to write a personal story, not a political one. I certainly didn’t intend to permeate the history from any moral perspective.”

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Morgan Niemeyer, 16, lives in St. Paul. She said her mother worried that she would go to the cinema.

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“Because she said, ‘I don’t want you going to see this with your boyfriend,'” Morgan said. “(Like) it’s going to make me say, ‘You’re going to want to have a baby now too.’ So it was very funny to hear him say that to me.”

Morgan said it turns out going to the movies got her and her mom talking about teenage pregnancy. Eventually, her mother, Shannon Niemeyer, went to see the movie herself and she loved it. This made her laugh.

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“It’s almost like we’re laughing at ourselves about the things we care about,” Shannon Niemeyer said. “At the end of the day, Juno is more mature than most of the adults in the film.”

Some parents decide to go to the cinema with their children. Joe Mish lives in Pine Island, Minnesota and teaches high school students. He said he watched the movie with his ninth grade daughter and it sparked a conversation for them.

“Anything that can open up discussions on the topic of teenage pregnancy is a great opportunity to talk, interact, or do something together,” says Mish. “I recommend people take their kids to see it.”

Cody Teen Pregnancy

At Avalon Charter School in St. Paul, teenagers who saw the film told Paul that they found nothing shocking in the film. Dustin McAvoy, 18, said he was surprised the film was controversial.

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“Just because pregnant teens aren’t uncommon, and it doesn’t seem like it’s as big a deal as people have imagined,” he said.

“There are pregnant teenage girls in the real world, so obviously their kids are going to be exposed to it,” she said. “Maybe if they don’t want their kids to watch it in such a careless way, they should tell the kids about it because the kids will come into contact with the movie one way or another.”

“I want as many people as possible to see the movie and I don’t care why,” he said. Juno is a movie about celebrating a self-aware, smart, and funny girl that comes into its own. It’s also a feature where you can see a strong character in a tough situation go through the exercise and come out happy in the end. What could be more positive than that?

There aren’t many well-made movies about teenage pregnancy, despite the fact that it’s a situation that girls face more often than society would like to admit. And more importantly, there aren’t many well-made comedy movies on the subject that get their message across without being preachy. Juno, released in 2007, is one such film, starring former Ellen Page, now Elliot Page, as the title character who becomes pregnant with her friend Paulie’s (Michael Cera) baby.

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The actions Juno takes, the opinions she encounters, and how things change for her after this life-changing event is what Juno’s entire plot hinges on. There’s a moment of life and choice that occurs early in the film, where Juno comes across an anti-abortion poster outside a clinic. However, after weighing her options, Juno decides against aborting the child and leaving the baby with a consenting childless couple who can provide her with a better future. Enter Jason Bateman and Jennifer Garner, a wealthy childless husband and wife who signs a sealed adoption contract with Juno and her guardians.

Although Juno has a happy ending, it doesn’t offer straightforward answers to the tricky question of teenage pregnancy. What do you do when you don’t want to give up on the future, but also want to provide for the unborn child? And how to maintain a relationship with the father of the child, who is also a teenager. Especially when you both have similar unspoken feelings for each other? How does your family react or what equation do you share with the new parents of your child? What happens when their marriage falls apart, forcing you to rethink your life decisions? These are tough questions, but director Jason Reitman tackled them all in the most thoughtful, witty, and realistic way possible.

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Cody Teen Pregnancy

Over the years, Juno has been on both ends of the spectrum when it comes to birth. While some critics called it an anti-abortion film, others considered the film a pro film. However, Page herself once said that Juno wants you to exercise your right to do whatever you want with your body. “What bothers me the most is when people call it a pro-life movie, which is absurd… The most important thing is that there is a choice, and the movie shows that to the full. “, did he declare. Later, Diablo author Cody also said there wasn’t just one way to watch Juno, and she was right. Juno is a film about the celebration of a self-aware, intelligent and witty girl. It’s also a feature where you can see a strong character in a tough situation go through the exercise and come out happy in the end. What could be more positive in life than that? As the first love child between Jason Reitman’s direction and Diablo Cody’s writing, Juno graced screens in 2007 as a bizarre teen pregnancy drama that used humor to frame the ongoing hostility to with regard to abortion. Twelve years later, Tully has snuck into the Reitman/Cody universe as their seemingly mature view of motherhood, handled with sobriety rather than humor. A treasure buried deep beneath a sea of ​​dewy-eyed drama that portrays motherhood as beautiful and coming, Reitman/Cody’s ongoing study of motherhood rarely strays from judgment.

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