Chiropractic Pregnancy Pillows

Chiropractic Pregnancy Pillows – Chiropractor specializing in the treatment of pregnant women, Sharon Sacchi, designed and created this award-winning professional Belloost Blessing Pillow for use by chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapists and all manual therapists, including beauty therapists and massage therapists.

The Belloost Pro Maternity Pillow is a great addition to professional services as it is ideal for treating and supporting pregnant women at any stage of pregnancy and is fully adaptable as it will grow and change for each client throughout their pregnancy.

Chiropractic Pregnancy Pillows

Chiropractic Pregnancy Pillows

Research conducted in Australia in 2018* also showed that pregnant women who spend some time lying down (belly down)** can benefit from not only reduced aches and pains, but also can help reduce systolic blood pressure, which is particularly beneficial as 6.5 million women worldwide suffer from preeclampsia each year.

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The Belloost Pro Pregnancy Pillow is equipped with several other features designed to reduce and reduce pressure on women’s sensitive areas during and after pregnancy, such as the delicate structure of the front of the neck when working on the cervical-thoracic transition and the pubic bone. , making it a valuable tool when working with patients with symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD). It also has a chest opening which reduces any pressure on the client’s chest area, making it suitable for non-pregnant clients such as those with breasts. implants and after breast or abdominal surgery. This pillow is very compact and easy to handle, transport and store.

** Supine position is the position of a person lying horizontally with the chest down and back. With proper support, such as the Belloost pregnancy pillow, it is considered a safe position for pregnant women.

Many women seek help from a chiropractor during pregnancy as pain worsens and new problems arise.

We all strive to provide a high level of treatment using equipment and tools to better serve our customers.

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One question many chiropractors ask is how to make a chiropractic pregnancy pillow, and there is a lot of information online about how it can be done.

One of the most popular solutions is to find a large piece of foam and cut a hole to create a shape similar to a professional chiropractic pillow. Did this work? In short, knowing how to make your own chiropractic pillow and following simple instructions to create your own version can provide a great temporary solution. However, this will likely come across as unprofessional, cheap, and like corners have been cut.

There is a better way! Although initially purchasing a pregnancy pillow may cost more, it will pay off in the long run as it provides a comfortable and relaxing clinical experience for pregnant patients who can see “getting the most out of treatment”. Professional chiropractic pregnancy pillows work well; why start making your own when you can buy one that’s been designed, tested and built specifically for chiropractors (not to mention an award winning one we’re very proud of!)?

Chiropractic Pregnancy Pillows

This durable pillow is made to benefit you and the patient. It is extremely important that all the equipment you use is of the highest quality and represents the best service and care you provide to each patient. That’s why nothing less than a professional chiropractic pregnancy pillow will work. We also offer a medical degree,

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So what are the benefits of a chiropractic pregnancy pillow? Made from high-quality antibacterial faux leather, the cushion is as easy to wipe down and clean as your chiropractic bench. The size is adjustable in two different ways, which means that women of any height can take it at any stage of their pregnancy. Using a double foam design, the pillow provides extra support around the pelvis, which is invaluable in the final weeks of pregnancy. The pillow allows all chiropractic adjustments and techniques to be practiced without the distraction you get with other pillows. It supports patients where they need it most, all the time.

Pregnancy pillows are designed by chiropractors who understand the needs and requirements of being able to produce highly effective adjustments in a clinical setting. Being able to make cartilage changes can give pregnant women the relief they need at a time when they feel most uncomfortable.

As you can see, homemade chiropractic pregnancy pillows do not offer the same high quality and safe support as professionally made ones. When it comes to providing chiropractic care for pregnant patients, no corners should be cut and it is in your best interest and theirs to offer the best.

For more information on our heavy duty cushions or headboards, contact us today! Contact us online and a member of the team will be happy to answer any questions.• Each order includes a set of 2 maternity pillows (1 large, 1 small) • Features a new two-tier foam pillow – conventional • Includes inner and outer protective cover • Specially designed for use during the 3rd trimester of pregnancy • Hypoallergenic memory foam • Oval shape fashion • Natural bamboo fiber cover • Easy removable zip cover • Machine washable

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I have used many heavy pillows in my professional career and the ChiroLux Nest pillow is the best.

Our pregnant mom came in and asked for a Nest Pillow. We love them, simple as that!

Great pillow for our office. Pregnant patients like them and can be more comfortable. They’ve only had them for a few weeks, but they look like they’ll last!

Chiropractic Pregnancy Pillows

Fast, fast service and delivery. The product is 100% as advertised and I am completely satisfied with my purchase.

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Inside dimensions of the oval belly opening are 9″ wide and 14″ long. The depth for each of these cushions varies. The small pillow is 3″ deep and the largest pillow is 5″ deep for a maximum depth of 7″ when the pillows are stacked. 3 trimesters.

Yes Each cushion is protected by two machine washable bamboo covers with zipped pockets for easy removal.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and all major credit/debit cards. We also offer an interest-free payment plan that is divided into four payments that are scheduled automatically.

Yes, international shipping is available. However, to save customers shipping costs, we strongly encourage purchasing from our international distributors.

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We take pride in designing and manufacturing quality products and want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. After delivery, if you choose to return, you have 30 days to return your order for a refund or exchange, excluding shipping. A 15% restocking fee applies to all returns, exchanges and canceled orders. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone depending on the circumstances.

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