B Pregnancy Belly

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Now that I’m 30 weeks, people want to see my baby or sometimes (with permission, thankfully) touch him. But I really have shame issues with my ugly B-shaped stomach.

B Pregnancy Belly

B Pregnancy Belly

I had a bit of a B-thread, but I hid it by wearing clothes that fit me. But pregnancy does not hide it, it gives me a real complication. The upper half is always firmer and more spaced out than the lower half.

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I see pictures of women with beautiful baby hair and it hurts me a little that I can’t be proud of myself. I don’t like taking pictures of her, it’s very uncomfortable.

Anyone else have the same? Are there ways to cover up without wearing too much clothing?

I’ve included a photo so you know what I mean, be nice, I really don’t like showing it to people!

Hello, first of all, I want to say that you are superb! But I totally get the body shaming. It’s hard not to if you don’t have the typical bump that a lot of moms here show.

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Anyway.. mine is not a B bump, more of a hard ball on top, with a big chin hanging down. I hate it too and it made me want to lose weight after my little guy arrived.

But now I swear by my maternity leggings and t-shirt, and wear a “no VPL” bottom, which is really stretchy but acts like another layer, so when the three work together, my bump is pretty good .

Be sure to use maternity clothes! They make such a difference. Obviously not shirtless, but dressed.

B Pregnancy Belly

It’s good to hear!! Yes, my belly has always been an apron belly. I feel like I have some big insecurities, so I’m so glad to hear that your friend is feeling good about her body! πŸ’•

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She is a slim woman, very active (running, swimming) and eats very well! But being the first son, he had this apron on his stomach that he couldn’t move no matter what. She takes the plunge and says it’s one of the best decisions she’s ever made, and her confidence skyrockets.

So if you can afford it once you have all the kids, it’s definitely worth it πŸ™‚

You know, I haven’t researched that much. I have tried most diets and lost weight and gained it back each time.

I feel different this time and I really want to change my bad habits, so I think it will be counting calories and eating cleaner than I am now. The main thing I want to improve is sports. I’ve been lazy the past few years and put on weight so I know where I went wrong. I want to be fitter once my midwife/visitor gives me the go-ahead to exercise more. πŸ™‚

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This is how I would describe my body. It’s frustrating because I lost weight before pregnancy, but I still have some lingering fat left over from my belly fat. Even at my youngest age (around 130 when I first met my husband) I still had the same bubble and it never dissipated. I was 153 when I got pregnant and really hoped my belly fat would spread evenly across my belly. Nope! 🀣 It’s low and I hate it. As you said, it inspired me to regain a normal BMI after he was born. However, I am considering a tummy tuck after having my last child (we want 2 or 3). I’m disappointed that this is something I have to think about during pregnancy. I want to enjoy my body!! I cultivate life!!

Are you against the formation of tanks? These worked best for me as they lifted the loose part of my stomach. Here are pictures of my belly wearing it. Def. Before any help, let me show you what my belly looks like.

That’s how I describe my B-wire πŸ˜… It made me lose weight when I had a baby. What are your plans to start? I have to ask my doctor. How fast can I go for a C-section?

B Pregnancy Belly

I don’t think ab bands affect the effectiveness of your support bands. It would be like wearing a shirt. I also have a b belly, worse than you, and I wear PP split bands and maternity clothes and/or maternity leggings. Tomorrow I will make drawings showing the difference between having and not having. It made me look obviously pregnant, even to strangers.

B Shaped Bump?

Since my belly fat is concentrated under my bump (more bib belly than b belly), I usually try to lift the seam a bit and put it in a hard spot. Are you trying to figure out how to wear them in unconventional ways? My suggestion was to buy maternity leggings (from my old navy) with good support. Make sure they’re not too big! I’ve purchased an XL, L, and M from Old Navy, and the M is definitely the most supportive and flattering as they’re just the right size for me / a little tight (but not uncomfortable). Hope that helps! πŸ’•

Belly bands definitely help! Honestly, it’s like wearing a tank top, it’s a second skin. I don’t think it will interfere with your belt. You can totally get away with wearing a band underneath.

I don’t have a B-shaped belly, but before I got pregnant I had a lot of trouble with my body image because I always felt like I was pregnant. But now I don’t forgive. Remember that your body goes through so much and you are creating and shaping a beautiful life inside of you! You are amazing, every woman’s body is different and you shouldn’t be ashamed. Kiss her while you can, time fliesπŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›

Well, but creating life is already incredible! 😁 Mom is very lucky. I feel bad about my stretch marks, but I guess that’s just the baby my body made! Of course, it undergoes some temporary modifications.

B Belly Pop?

Well, Mom, you’re only 29 weeks old, so your uterus is probably low and B-shaped. I think you’ll fill up in a week or two and it’ll get harder. Give it time! You look great, but I know people don’t see it that way, but I understand your frustration.

Mom, you are beautiful. You’re growing a new person with this body and it’s amazing.

Everyone has their thing. I have weird nails that never look normal after surgery, but I don’t wear socks. As someone who started with a BMI of 40+ early in my pregnancy, I certainly understand the desire to cover up. For a very long time, I felt like I ate a whole pizza and a brownie – not like I was pregnant. So I’m going to give up maternity photos and photograph a newborn. I worry a lot about how I look in the mirror. You’re not alone.

B Pregnancy Belly

I love other women’s suggestions on how to look at belly bands. Unfortunately, they are not made to my size and I often feel hot. You should be able to place your abdominal support there.

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From one “plus size” mom to another, I also suggest talking to a counselor. It’s the best thing I can do for myself. I had a counselor to talk to every two weeks for my self-esteem issues during pregnancy. It’s difficult with hormones and emotions and my husband can’t communicate clearly no matter how hard he tries. I find it really helpful to talk to someone…the belly is still there (it won’t go away for a few months after the baby) but my stress management is better, I have control over how I dress and even if no one never told me about it, I feel more comfortable ignoring judgmental looks and how to react when someone says something. .

I’m 31 weeks and still rocking that belly! It was a few weeks ago, maybe 28-29 weeks. Be sure to try belly bands

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