Atlanta Pregnancy Massage

Atlanta Pregnancy Massage – Finding a pregnancy and postpartum massage specialist can be challenging, we offer a community of independent practitioners who come together under one name to make your journey easier. Although our techniques and styles may vary, we guarantee quality, knowledge and comfort with each of us.

Reneé Kimes, LMT # MT006163-I believe in massage about a lost world. The greatest gift I can give is the gift of touch, relief, relaxation. My massage style is a complete relaxation, focusing on the area you need. Concentration can sometimes excite me, but eventually you will fall in love with me again. Owner (and Chief Incentive) since 2007 specializing in PMC – Pregnancy, Pregnancy, Postpartum Massage, Baby Massage and Couples Tuition Fees.

Atlanta Pregnancy Massage

Atlanta Pregnancy Massage

Amy Hayes, LMT # MT004848 – is a Florida-trained therapist who has practiced for over 17 years. Her lifelong interest in many aspects of therapeutic arts, including pregnancy, childbirth, and deep relaxation techniques, led her to become certified in massage therapy, prenatal massage, and aromatherapy. Doula training, EMT delivery and phlebotomy training. He brings a diverse and individual approach to each massage. Amy has been taking us to the next level at PMC since 2011. Specialization in PMC – Pregnancy, postpartum pregnancy, shopping and couple training.

Pmc Happenings — Pregnancy Massage Center A Maternal And Family Wellness Sanctuary

Tara Thompson, LMT # MT003160 – I believe the touch is very deep. A simple touch can change everything. Although I love massages during pregnancy, I think I should take care of my mother after giving birth. Work can be hard and our mothers should be appreciated for what they have been through. Tara has been working at PMC for health promotion since 2015. PMC Specialty – Pregnancy, Postpartum Massage, Baby Massage, Belly Wrapping and Couples Training.

Lindsey Glover, LMT # MT004546 – Born in Bear Creek, NC (about 45 miles south of Greensboro), Lindsey came to Atlanta to seek opportunities after graduating from Sandhills Community College in 2006 with a massage therapy course. . Her favorite massage style is undoubtedly pregnant massage. Lindsey enjoys being able to alleviate pain and discomfort in a non-invasive way and has been working with our clients since 2012. He specializes in PMC – Pregnancy and Postpartum.

Leslie Anne, LMT # MT007964- I have a love and passion for massage therapy. It is clear because after 15 years of service, I feel refreshed and encouraged to help others as it was my first year of practice. I believe that the more rested and relaxed the human body, the more relaxed their mind will be. Allow them to be more productive in their daily lives. I do it myself for a living, so it is not uncommon for me to plan it into my work as a masseur. Providing special care to pregnant mothers gives me extra care and attention because I care for two people at the same time. When I see a pregnant woman walking into a maternity massage center in one direction and feeling relieved and relieved, it reminds me of why.

Kieve R. Saunders, LMT # MT005463 I am a licensed massage therapist, educator and mentor with 14 years of experience in the physical industry. I have a strong touch, nurture and let intuition guide me. My goal is to relax, reward, and refresh your mind, body, and soul. I believe that a general sense of well-being is the basis of good health and a prosperous life. “When you feel good, you do well!” My fascination with pregnancy and birth led me to train doula. While training, my passion for massage therapy burned. In 2006, I joined a massage therapy program at the Sanford Brown Institute in Atlanta, Georgia. I graduated with honors in 2007 and improved myself by working in a famous spa and gym. I have been trained in many forms, including Deep Tissue, Swedish, Sports and Lymphatic. But my training in childbirth, pediatricians and baby massage served my mind excitedly. I like to celebrate women in all their beauty. And I respect their strength by providing tailored massage services. I look forward to the celebration! And it is my honor to help you relax during this precious time of your life! Kyiv is our jewel in 2020. PMC Specialization – Pregnancy and postpartum period. You must be 20 weeks pregnant to receive a prenatal massage. If you are less than 20 weeks pregnant, we will massage you, but without pressure. We do not recommend this massage if you are less than 14 weeks pregnant.

How To Relieve Pelvic Pain During Pregnancy

Your Foot Treatment Buckhead offers prenatal massage at our Atlanta Spa. Pregnancy is the most difficult and rewarding experience the body can endure. During pregnancy, body changes can cause pain, discomfort and stress. Massage can help relieve stress and discomfort during pregnancy. Prenatal massage therapy can often relieve the pain, swelling and stress associated with pregnancy and give you a refreshed body and mind. Pregnancy massage therapies are specifically designed for pregnant women and their body changes and often provide the comfort that all pregnant women deserve.

Prenatal massage is intended for mothers who have completed the first trimester and are experiencing stress and discomfort due to changes in the body. This massage will help you relax by focusing on the most painful parts of your body.

Although plenty of rest and relaxation is recommended during pregnancy, it is not uncommon for most people to expect to find time to fully relax. It is important to give time for your mind and body to stay away from the normal and sometimes unnatural stress that life and pregnancy can bring. At Treat Your Feet Buckhead in Atlanta, our therapists specialize in prenatal massage techniques to help ease your cravings, promote relaxation and rejuvenate for what lies ahead.

Atlanta Pregnancy Massage

Our prenatal masseurs in Atlanta will take extra care to make sure you are well cared for and comfortable during your pregnancy massage. We will take care to choose the position that is most comfortable for you and can use soft pillows and aids to take extra load on your lower back if you experience any discomfort. Depending on the distance you are pregnant, your therapist may use different massage techniques to address your specific requests and needs.

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Our masseurs at Treat Your Feet Buckhead in Atlanta are fully trained and will take care of your specific comforts and needs during your prenatal massage.

Treating your feet Buckhead is not a treatment facility. Our priority is your comfort and relaxation. If you have a current or new health condition, consult your doctor before coming to our massage parlor. This includes, but is not limited to, muscle injuries, surgery, and pregnancy.

Whether you are scheduled for a foot or full body massage, let the receptionist know how many weeks you are pregnant so we can determine the intensity of the massage.

Massage has no time limit. As long as the desired duration, you can set the time.

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If I have an infectious disease like a cold or flu, is it still okay?

If you are sick, we want you to come and make our other customers sick.

Our clients come to our massage spa because they provide a calm and peaceful atmosphere that allows them to relax, so please do not talk during the massage.

Atlanta Pregnancy Massage

For parties of 3 or more people, when booking a room for a couple, we require the registration of a credit card.

The Benefits Of Pre & Postnatal Massage

We do not accept prepayments, especially over the phone. You can come and buy your massage or gift card at our spa.

Providing assistance is optional but is recommended. Most of our customers pay 20% of the bill, but it depends on you how much information you provide.

We do not accept insurance. Treating your feet Buckhead is not a treatment facility. Our priority is your comfort and relaxation. If you have a current or new health condition, consult your doctor before coming to our massage parlor. This includes, but is not limited to, muscle injuries, surgery, and pregnancy.

Treat Your Foot Buckhead is not responsible for personal property or items you leave lost, stolen or damaged on the premises.

Benefits Of Prenatal Massage

Guests / sponsors this time dedicate, give up and release Treat Your Feet Buckhead from all liability for personal property or property left behind, lost, stolen or damaged.

Your foot therapist is looking for a full-time and part-time masseuse. If you are interested, please fill out our online application form below. No phone calls, please

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Atlanta Pregnancy Massage

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