Are Slim Jims Safe During Pregnancy

Are Slim Jims Safe During Pregnancy – When you think of food safety during pregnancy, you often mean fresh produce like meat or fish. Cured and preserved meats are rarely mentioned in pregnancy guidelines, but cured meats and other cured meats are common snacks and cravings, so are they safe during pregnancy?

Can pregnant women eat dried and dried meat? Pregnant women should avoid eating jerky and other dried meats as they are not fully heat treated. Smoking and drying meat only reduces the chance of bacterial contamination, but does not eliminate it.

Are Slim Jims Safe During Pregnancy

Are Slim Jims Safe During Pregnancy

I know that beef jerky is a fairly common craving during pregnancy, so I was surprised to see how little information there is on whether it is safe for pregnant women to eat. For this article, I researched sources of research and evidence on medicinal meats and pregnancy.

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I know how frustrating it is during pregnancy to know that you may not be able to enjoy some of your favorite foods for nine months!

With information backed by science so you can feel better about avoiding a small but significant risk during pregnancy.

Hot and cooking temperatures above 165F/74C are the best precaution against bacteria that may be present in raw meat, such as

Salmonella, and especially listeriosis and toxoplasmosis from cured or preserved meats such as cured meats, can affect pregnant women much more severely than the “average” healthy adult and can cause serious complications, including miscarriage ( source: Journal of Food Protection).

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A 2008 Australian study indicated that cured meats can be salted, marinated, dried, or smoked, but none of these methods are as effective as heat in killing bacteria found in ready-to-eat foods such as raisins.

Of course, commercially produced beef jerky is classified as safe for consumption, otherwise it would not be for sale on our shelves. However, the reason you should avoid cuts and cured meats when you’re pregnant is the same as avoiding cold cuts and similar foods (unless they’re cooked).

A study done for the University of Georgia also found dry-aged beef, which relies only on smoking and drying to kill bacteria.

Are Slim Jims Safe During Pregnancy

The result of this is that jerky is complicated to prepare and requires several precise steps to ensure its safety because it is not cooked. Although it is generally safe to eat cured meats, it is best for people who are immunocompromised or pregnant to avoid cured meats and cured meats.

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If you really want to eat beef jerky, treat it like a cold cut, reheat it until it’s hot, not just hot… but I appreciate that it’s not so nice when it’s hot! To learn more, read the full guide to cured meats and pregnancy here.

Store-bought beef jerky, as well as homemade beef jerky, should be avoided during pregnancy. In fact, you have to be very careful to avoid homemade beef jerky because consistent safe temperatures and times are difficult to adjust if you are inexperienced.

The USDA has produced a special publication on jerky and food safety. If you make or eat homemade jerky, I definitely recommend reading it because it covers what makes jerky safe or not, even if you’re not pregnant.

The publication includes much of the scientific basis discussed in this article. They re-emphasize the importance of heating meat until bacteria are killed.

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She also points out that maintaining safe temperatures during the drying process is also important, and that many instruction manuals that come with home dehydrators or smokers also don’t specify temperatures that make food safe.

This article is mostly about cured meats, but the recommendations are the same for all cured meats, not just common ones like beef.

In conclusion, all types of dried meat should be avoided during pregnancy if they are not cooked. Shredded meat is a bit different, discussed below.

Are Slim Jims Safe During Pregnancy

Minced meat is dried meat, but the difference is that it is usually not eaten plain, but fully cooked, e.g. Creamy shredded beef over roast.

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The fact that meat is heated to a high temperature before serving greatly reduces the risk of bacteria surviving on it. Therefore, you can eat shredded beef during pregnancy if it is fully heated and cooked. It should not be eaten cold “as is” without cooking.

If you can measure the temperature (and the best way is with a food thermometer), then the temperature should reach 165F/74C to be safe.

I have been asked if “dry aged” beef is safe during pregnancy, as it is often confused with regular air dried or dry aged beef.

“Dry aged” refers to hanging raw meat (usually beef) in a climate-controlled environment for several days to improve flavor and texture. Medicine is not the same as “bagged meat” or “bagged meat”.

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Dry-aged meat is usually then cooked as usual, especially if it is a ribeye cut such as sirloin, loin or sirloin. You can also get “wet aged” meat that has been aged in vacuum bags.

If you’re pregnant, you should follow these guidelines for eating steak during pregnancy, because it doesn’t matter if the meat is dry or not, what matters is how well it’s cooked when you go to eat it.

Gina is the owner and founder of Pregnancy Food Checker. She has a certificate in nutrition and lifestyle during pregnancy from the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and a diploma in human nutrition. The articles were medically reviewed by Janet Gordon RD, MBDA, a registered dietitian who specializes in maternal health, including diabetes and obesity during pregnancy.

Are Slim Jims Safe During Pregnancy

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I’m Gina, the woman behind Pregnancy Food Checker. My mission is to help expectant mothers to enjoy food safely during pregnancy by dispelling myths and providing clear and real examples. I have a certificate in nutrition and lifestyle during pregnancy from the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and a diploma in human nutrition.

All of our content is written or medically reviewed by registered dietitian nutritionists (RDNs) to ensure accuracy and adherence to current advice for optimal maternal nutrition. I love writing about food and sharing knowledge in the hope that every pregnancy will be a little easier.

Pregnancy Food Checker provides general information for informational purposes only. The content of this website is not intended to be a substitute for professional healthcare services, advice or medical advice. If you have questions or concerns during your pregnancy, you should contact a doctor. This website is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for websites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to We are compensated for referring traffic and business to Amazon and other companies affiliated with this site. Despite their popularity, can I eat Slim Jims if I’m pregnant? There are no known harmful effects associated with slimming jimmies during pregnancy. They are a popular snack and many people eat them before they get pregnant. Pregnant women should avoid eating lean jim and stick to fully cooked meats. However, they can be hard to resist when you have a craving for meat.

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A question that many pregnant women ask is: can you eat slim jim during pregnancy? Although most people like to eat lean jim before they get pregnant, they should not be eaten during pregnancy. Although you can still enjoy skinny jims, it’s best to limit your consumption to fully cooked pieces. The good news is that a small amount of these tasty snacks are still safe to eat. Can I eat homemade beef jerky when pregnant?

A question that often comes up is: Can I eat homemade jerky when pregnant? Well, it all depends on the ingredients you use, but there is one thing you can count on. Homemade jerky is delicious and makes a great on-the-go snack. But before you start eating, read this article to learn more about the health benefits of homemade jerky for pregnant women.

You may be wondering, can pregnant women eat dry aged beef? Well, that depends. You can eat dried beef during pregnancy, but you need to cook it properly. The temperature should be at least 160 degrees to minimize the risk of bacteria. However, you can eat steak during pregnancy if it is fully cooked. If you are not sure, ask your doctor. You can also eat ham and bacon during pregnancy.

Are Slim Jims Safe During Pregnancy

If you are a pregnant woman, you may be wondering why I can’t eat jerky during pregnancy. The answer is simple: it has a high bacteria count and is therefore not a good choice for your growing baby. Therefore, beef should be avoided. Dried meat is obtained by drying a meat product and is not subjected to heat treatment. Also, cured meats are safe to eat during pregnancy when cooked to 165 degrees Fahrenheit. As a pregnant woman, her immune system is severely compromised, making her susceptible to a wide variety of

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