Having Twins? Get The Complete Twins Survival Guide!

Whether you're a new mom or have already raised a few children, newborns can be quite a handful. Now imagine having twins, or even triplets! How would you handle raising two babies at once? What tricks and shortcuts could you take to ensure all three of you would get proper food, care, and most of all rest? The answers for anyone who might need help with twins can be found in this handy survival guide.

Guide to Having Twins

When most people consider a mom with twins, they think about twice the work. Twice the feedings, twice the naps, two-times the diaper changes. What they don't often realize is that the parent of two small babies would do 2x the work in only the most optimal of situations. More likely it would be 3x or 4x the work, simply because the children would not always be on the same schedule. Imagine one waking up just as you're putting the other down... imagine one needing a change just as you finished with the other one. There would be many things mom has to do more than twice, and things that would take more than twice as long, simply because the timing between the two children's schedules is off.

The Twins Survival Guide is a simple, practical, easily reading resource for any mom who already has or is about to give birth to twins. You'll be taught exactly what to expect, as well as the in's and out's of living with and raising your multiple newborns. The advice you get allows you to make the most of your time and energy, working efficently and easily to speed up many duplicate processes in way that benefits both you and your babies. From playtime to mealtime, the guide shows you how to keep your sanity through the use of proven strategies - techniques and methods offered up from hundreds of mothers who have already been there.

Just some of the things covered in this amazing reference:

How to prepare for your twins' arrival, and what to expect in those first few crazy days!

Working strategies to get your twins (and yourself!) on the same basic baby sleep schedule.

Advice on how to speed up the feeding process, and how to get both twins to cooperate with you during this time.

A whole section dedicated to travelling with multiples, and how you can maximize your time and resources to make the best of every single trip.

The best ways to cope with twin toddlers! What to do and how to keep your sanity when the terrible two's strike you.

Sources of help - great places to look when you need help with twins... in places you might never thought of before.

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Aside from these tips and tricks, you'll receive tons of other invaluable information that only the mothers of twins would know. Standard baby books and child-rearing resources just can't cut it - only those who have raised multiples and experienced these types of situations are able to fully understand what needs to be done. Who else could guarantee 100% satisfaction?

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