Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy Without the Pounds!

Is this your first pregnancy? As you watch your ever-growing belly do you wonder if you're receiving more calories than you need? Or maybe this is your second, third, or even your fourth pregnancy, and as an old pro you're looking for ways to avoid packing on unwanted excess pregnancy weight that you already know is going to be so hard to take off? These are good questions, and they deserve solid answers. That's why it's best to educate yourself with a proper pregnancy diet guide and fitness regiment that will allow both you, and your baby, to stay as healthy as possible throughout, and even after, your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Without The Pounds

The Pregnancy Without Pounds program offers a FREE newsletter that helps future moms discover how to avoid gaining extra pregnancy weight. Included are pregnancy weight diet tips, menus, exercises and stretches for pregnant women that will increase overall health and flexibility. Inside you'll learn about the different body types all women share, and how to select the one that best represents you. Once you know this, you can work with your body type and not against it - allowing for a more personalized approach to a pregnancy fitness guide that yields individualized results for pregnant women.

Every year millions of expecting mothers overeat. Even worse, they eat the wrong foods and neglect to eat the right ones. Some of them even believe they should eat anything they want, simply because they're carrying a child. This type of midset is often laughed off as 'eating for two', even though the second person you're eating for happens to weigh only a few pounds or even ounces. The truth is, there are different foods that provide different nutrients for you and your baby, and there are some that can even be detrimental to you gaining pounds you truly don't need.

When baby comes, many women are astounded at how much weight they suddenly still have left to lose. Weeks later, they're still carrying 'baby weight' - only this really isn't baby weight at all, it's weight they gained by adopting poor eating habits during the last eight or nine months. This is where they begin to think back upon their pregnancy diet menu or complete lack of an exercise program... and of course, by then it's too late.

Pregnancy Without Pounds not only offers a healthy diet for pregnant women, it also offers a pregnancy fitness guide that prevents many common post-birth body problems. Inside this FREE newsletter, you'll learn things like:

Exactly what mom needs to do in order to get fit for labor and childbirth.

Exactly how much weight you should be gaining during each trimester, according to your own specific body type.

Inside tricks and tips on how to avoid stretchmarks as your belly grows, as well as unwanted cellulite.

The little-known secrets that will help you avoid gaining more weight than you need, eliminating excess pounds after delivery.

How to avoid the two worst physical symptoms of pregnancy: drooping breasts and pot belly syndrome!

Information on a pregnancy healthy diet, including which foods you should cut out of your diet and which ones you should be eating more of.

Corset & Girdle muscles; what they are, and how to develop them to help you maintain good pregnancy posture and alleivate back pain associated with carrying a child.

This Award Winning Newsletter has helped tens of thousands of women gain the valuable knowledge needed to stay fit and healthy during pregnancy! The pregnancy diet tips and fitness tricks contained inside have provided benefits to both expecting moms and also women trying to successfully lose their pregnancy weight after delivery.

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