Pregnancy Acupressure - Natural & Safe Maternity Techniques

For pregnant women coming up on their due date, the birthing process can sometimes be a source of anxiety. Especially for first time mothers, this can be a mentally stressful period filled with questions and unknowns. Pregnancy acupressure is a natural process that teaches mom how to gently induce labor and have a safer, easier, and shorter birth. As the techniques of maternity acupressure are learned and applied, they stimulate your natural contractions, helping to dilate the cervix and allow your baby to descend.

Pregnancy Acupressure

The Maternity Acupressure Guide has been helping thousands of women use these simple techniques to naturally induce labor since 2005. This is all accomplished with no drugs or pharmacauticals and no side effects while allowing mom to have an easier, shorter labor. Pregnancy acupressure prevents the baby from becoming distressed during delivery, and the shorter labor period allows for much less chance of medical interventions during the birthing process. These techniques have also been proven to reduce labor pains and pressures during childbirth, making them amongst the most popular ways of relieving pain safely and naturally during the time you are giving birth to your baby.

Doulas and midwives have been using these pregnancy acupressure techniques for years. Stimulation of specific acupressure points within a woman's body has been proven to induce labor in more than 80% of women within 48 hours, and many times much earlier. This type of natural labor induction is desirable because you can start labor naturally at home, speeding up delivery time and stimulating the onset of contractions that will help dilate your cervix. Because of this, these techniques are invaluable because they'll also help pregnant women in cases where the cervix isn't dilating properly, or where it's fully dilated but mom is having problems pushing the baby through the birth canal.

Pregnancy acupressure videos will also be made available to you from within the Maternity Acupressure system. These wonderful clips will take you step-by-step through the acupressure process, visually showing you all the techniques and tips you'll need so that you and your partner can perform these very simple hands-on methods. No previous experience is necessary, and you will be able to locate the labor acupressure points with only the most basic of instructions.

The Maternity Acupressure Guide is 100% guaranteed, and backed by thousands of women who have already reaped the benefits of a quick, safe, and easy childbirth experience. Read about their experiences, and glance through their testimonials to learn how it helped each and every one of them. You're literally just 5 minutes away from having these techniques at your fingertips:

How to use pregnancy acupressure to start labor naturally from within your own home, safely and painlessly.

The best methods for calming nervousness and anxiety during childbirth.

How to stop vomiting and the nausea associated with labor.

Techniques to effectively reduce and even eliminate most of your labor pains.

Maternity acupressure to turn a posterior baby.

How to strengthen contractions for a faster delivery process, leading to shortened labor and less chance of medical intervention.

How to achieve better dialation of the cervix.

In addition to the information above, this particular pregnancy acupressure system also includes a bonus gift: The Amazing Hidden Facts of Good Birthing Positions. This alone will teach you how to experience less pain, have shorter labor, and reduce the chance for an episiotomy during the childbirthing process, along with positional methods that will put less fetal distress on your baby and give him or her a better supply of oxygen during your labor.

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