Quick, Natural Ways of Increasing Chances of Pregnancy

Planning to have a baby is always a happy time, and most couples have fun just letting nature take its course. But for those who suffer from infertility, or those who are looking for easy ways to get pregnant quickly, there's a whole lot of information on exactly when to conceive a baby. Can you get pregnant when you are not ovulating? What are the best days and times of your cycle that will give you the best chance of conception? People are always looking for safe pregnancy tips, but one thing's for certain: there's a bunch of conflicting info floating around out there regarding the best times, techniques, and methods to get pregnant fast.

Increase Pregnancy Chance

Sometimes conceiving a baby takes planning. One good start is by using an ovulation calculator or chart (there's a great one on this very website!) to plot your cycles, and then analyze that data in order to figure out the date you ovulate. Women who are serious about getting pregnant should be keeping a log of when their menstrual periods begin, how long they last, and how far apart they are. Don't assume that your cycle is the standard 28 days: many women average less or more days between their periods, and this most certainly needs to be taken into account when trying to pinpoint your exact date of ovulation.

For some couples, knowing when the woman ovulates is even more important because they are trying to conceive either a boy or a girl. The leading or trailing edge of your ovulation cycle will always be a little more conducive to producing a girl baby, while the closer you get to having intercourse on your exact ovulation date will increase the likelihood of you having a boy. There's also a whole host of other factors that go into determining baby gender selection. Science and research has made choosing the sex of your baby prior to conception a very distinct possibility. Click here for more info on the baby gender selection process, and how you can use it to try for a baby girl or boy.

Aside from ovulation, pregnancy chances are determined by a whole host of other factors pertaining to both the man and the woman. There are timing issues, dietary concerns, and even sexual position factors to consider when trying to have a baby. Many of these variables can be influenced by you or your partner, and that's good news. But no matter what steps you take to increase pregnancy chance, the best thing you can do is have regular sex. Unless the male has a proven low sperm count, don't worry about "saving up" for ovulation. No matter how good a chart you're keeping, women don't always ovulate when they think they do. Try to have sex 3x or more a week, and do this the week before and after your projected ovulation date. Remember: there's no such thing as overdoing it!

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