How to Make a Diaper Cakes Centerpiece

You've seen a dozen diaper cake centerpieces at a dozen baby showers... but how many of them were homemade? And of those, how many of them were amazing masterpieces that made everyone's jaw drop? Not only can you save money in building your own diaper cake, you can also be the star of the next baby shower... learn how to make a diaper cakes centerpiece that will wow the socks off everyone who attends!

Neutral Baby Diaper Cake

So... how do i make a diaper cake? It's a simple question with a not-so simple answer. To begin with, it's important to know just how much money you plan to spend on the construction of the cake itself. If you're footing the bill on your own, these baby shower table centerpieces can get mighty expensive very quickly. Sometimes it's best to let everyone know you're building it yourself, and then take up a small collection. With this solution you can buy the best diapers, socks, burp cloths and other fillings, or you can go all-out and build a three or even four-tiered cake that will completely blow away the mom-to-be.

The next thing to decide is whether the cake will be gender-specific. If mom knows she's having a girl or boy, it makes things a lot easier for you to shop. Making baby diaper cake designs requires a color scheme, with pinks for girls and blues for boys. Yellows and greens are of course neutral, but today's most popular color? Chocolate! You can mix rich, chocolate browns in with the basic colors of your baby shower table centerpieces in order to make them really stand out. Figure out the overall shades you want to go with before you begin shopping for anything.

In learning how to make a diaper cakes centerpiece, you'll also need the building blocks of any good baby cake: diapers! Subtly find out from mom whether she plans to use natural cloth ones or pampers. The foundation of your cake will begin with this simple element.

How to Make a Baby Shower Diaper Cake is a fantastic resource that shows you tips, tricks, and amazing ideas that will get you started on instructions for making a diaper cake. Within this resource you'll find everything you need regarding how to make a diaper cakes centerpiece, as well as decorating your creation with such baby gifts as:

Baby Boy Diaper Cake
Baby Girl Diaper Cake

Receiving blankets

Infant and toddler caps

Burp cloths

Adorable baby bodysuits

Wash cloths and bath accessories

Rolled up baby socks

Size one Pampers

Very soft, plush stuffed animals

You'll also watch an instructional diaper cake video showing you how to build a diaper cake, and how to make it into a unique creation all your own! This video will save you money, time, and best of all it will make you the talk of your next baby shower.

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