End Male Infertility: How to Increase The Sperm Count Naturally

When having trouble conceiving a baby, many women turn in all directions to examine the root causes of infertility in their own bodies. They see fertility specialists, jump on prenatal vitamins, plot their bodily cycles, and struggle with all other manner of tips and tricks to getting pregnant. But what if the problem wasn't with their bodies at all?

There's no single factor that causes low sperm count in men, but there are methods to increase sperm count that can be used safely, naturally, and without the potentially harmful side effects of drugs or hormones. Many couples don't even recognize the symptoms of infertility in men, and therefore the male partner doesn't often get tested until well into the trying to get pregnant process. This could take months or years away from you - years that your partner could've been using to improve the count, volume, motility, morphology, and vitality of his sperm.

Sperm count fertility is now an exact science, and you can measure a great deal of things from the male's side of the coin. How to Increase the Sperm Count Naturally is an amazing new resource covering alternative, natural ways to increase male fertility. Below is one example of an actual patient who saw dramatically positive results after only using these techniques for a span of six months:

Improved Sperm Count Statistics

Increasing chances of becoming pregnant is only a matter of adjusting every factor that is within your control. Just as the woman can do things to adjust their own chances to conceive, the male partner can also adjust things like dietary and fitness levels, as well as using natural herbal remedies to increase the quality, quantity, and concentration of the sperm being delivered to the egg. Testing sperm count is only half the battle... adjusting it to increase sperm count fast should be the other. Just some of these factors include:

• Volume - The volume of semen a man produces during ejaculation can certainly be controlled. Find out which proven methods will increase the amount of ejaculate produced during the man's orgasm, and why it's one of the most important factors of male fertility.

• pH - Just as the pH levels inside a woman's birth canal is important to determining viability of sperm, the acidic levels of a man's semen can determing how much sperm will survive the trip through the fallopian tubes to reach and fertilize the egg. Discover what can be done to adjust this level in a direction that's favorable for fertility.

• Sperm Count - This measurment determines the density of the sperm cell population within the male seminal fluid. The greater this measurement, the more you can dramatically increase chances of becoming pregnant.

• Motility - Making sperm count higher in your male partner is important, but so is this measurement. Sperm motility is a determination of how active the individual cells are when examined under a microscope. The more active, alive, and kicking they are, the greater the chance they will perform their job: finding and fertilizing the female ovum. If they are non-motile or sluggish, these are definite symptoms of infertility in men.

• Morphology - Reversing poor morphology is one of the best ways how to increase sperm count naturally. Badly formed cells make for poor motility and a much lower survival rate once semen is deposited into the woman's vagina. By using simple and natural techniques you can obtain dramatically better sperm morphology and more than double or triple your chances of conceiving a baby.

• Vitality - This is the survival rate of the sperm cells once they've been deposited into the birth canal. It's already been proven that male sperm (y-sperm) will perish more quickly than female (x-sperm), but will have more motility and swim faster. Keeping this in mind, you can even use certain techniques to determine the gender of your baby! But beyond whether or not you'd like to choose a boy or a girl, the vitality of a man's sperm can be greatly improved through simple, natural methods. You'll need to understand what these are.

Getting tested by a doctor usually follows with costly treatments that may or may not have some effect on the quality and quantity of a male's ejaculate. Moreover, recommendations may include drugs or hormones that have proven ill side-effects to the male body depending upon how long they're used. Before going this route, it's much wiser to first try some natural methods to increase sperm count. This will boost the woman's chances for pregnancy while keeping her partner on a safe, easy-to-follow plan of action.

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