Choose Baby Gender - Predetermining the Sex of your Baby

For many couples, having a baby of either sex is fine by them, as long as it arrives healthy and happy. But sometimes an existing family desires a baby of a particular gender, either boy or girl. In the past, choosing a baby's gender involved as much myth and magic as it did real science. The methods of gender selection were rife with strange techniques, old wives' tales, and sometimes even homemade concoctions.

How to Choose the Gender of Your Baby

Luckily, science has evolved to the extremely successful point where you can now almost guarantee yourself the ability to choose baby gender. Does your son want a brother or sister? Do you want to pick the gender of your baby yourself, allowing you to better plan your family? Couples desperate for a particular sex of baby can now take measures to ensure themselves the gender of their choice. By just making a few small adjustments to diet, routine, and timing, thousands of people utilizing these techniques have successfully given birth to the baby they always wanted, forever changing their lives!

Gender Selection Do's & Don'ts

After years of research across the United States and in other countries throughout the world, the needed data and statistics concerning the ability to choose baby gender have been compiled into the techniques demonstrated here. Physiological and emotional factors were taken into consideration, as well as timing, dietary adjustments, and factors involving the woman's partner in conception. The results of all these gender studies culminated in developing a 94.6% success rate in determining the sex of the baby to be born! This resulted in this tried and tested baby gender selection process.

Sound too good to be true? Most people think the same way. But when you take into consideration just how far society has come, you'll begin to understand that the factors surrounding whether you're blessed with a boy or a girl are just simple matters of science. As such, they can be controlled. The pieces of the gender selection puzzle have always been there, the only thing lacking was a map of how they all went together.

Most important to this process, women seeking to choose the gender of their baby prior to getting pregnant must thoroughly be familiar with the following information:

Learn the basics of ovulation timing, including which part of the ovulation cycle - leading or trailing - is the best time to conceive a boy or a girl.

Understand the relationship between PH levels and the sex of your baby, including how to monitor your levels of acidity in the direction you need them to go.

Dietary adjustments need to be made in order to properly choose baby gender. Find out which foods favor conception of a boy, and which foods are best for conceiving a girl.

Learn which foods you should never eat when attempting to have a boy, and the ones to avoid when trying for a girl.

Utilize specific intercourse techniques and positions to conceive the gender of your choice... you'll be taught which styles increase the likelihood of each baby sex, as well as penetration and orgasm do's and don'ts that will lead to you conceiving exactly the gender you want.

Pick the Gender of your Baby is a 100% guaranteed process that allows you to choose baby gender. With almost a 95% success rate, determining the sex of your child is no longer something that needs to be left to chance.

If you're a future mom or dad specifically desiring a boy or a girl, this no-risk solution is certainly for you.

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