Childbirth Classes Online - Virtual Self-Paced Lamaze Course

For many pregnant moms, the process of childbirth can be an intimidating topic. Especially for first time mothers, who have no idea what the birthing process will bring, preparing for labor can be especially difficult. Lamaze classes can help ease this burden, but not all women have the time or money to spend finding and attending weekly classes that may or may not fit into their busy schedules.

Childbirth Classes Online

For just such people, online childbirth classes are the perfect solution. Prenatal classes online offer all the educational benefits of a standard lamaze class, teaching you the skills and techniques you'll need to ensure a safe, comfortable birth experience for both you and your baby. Best of all, attending childbirth classes online allow you and your partner to move along at your own pace. No matter how busy the both of you may be, having the ability to access these prenatal classes online gives you both a chance to make the most of the time leading up to your due date. You get your own personal lamaze classes, tailored to fit your own daily schedules, and you move along at whatever speed you desire.

Birthright: Virtual Childbirth Education is a comprehensive child birth education program and online lamaze class that you take at your own pace. Offered in both 7 and 12 week courses, you'll receive a core syllabus and birthing workbook that offers step-by-step instruction throughout the program. These online childbirth classes are available immediately, downloadable to your home computer, and made printable in minutes. You can follow along on screen, or even request paperback copies of the program for you to take with you and read as you go.

Attending these childbirth classes online you'll receive the full benefits of a complete lamaze course without having to ever leave your home. The virtual classroom is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with unlimited access to a wide variety of great tools such as the following:

Course lessons with end-of-lesson quizzes at the completion of each
Sample birthing plans
Relaxation inducing audio files
Day-to-Day nutritional guides for your pregnancy
Tracking forms for mealtime
A full-service consultation support center

Also included with your Virtual Childbirth Education is a private forum filled with other future moms like yourself. It's here that you can share your experiences, your thoughts, and your questions about childbirth with people who are going through, or have already gone through, a similar experience.

You can use this course risk-free, with one-click email support and full access to all of these online lamaze class resources. Attending these childbirth classes online will save you the hundreds of dollars you might spend on traditional prenatal classes, all within the comfort of your own living room. You'll also learn invaluable lessons that go beyond the birthing process, lessons that will help you recover more quickly from giving birth. You'll be taught how to avoid unnecessary interventions which can lead to a prolonged childbirth process and more painful recovery. And by the end of the course you'll fully understand and be able to identify all the subtle signs that your labor is approaching.

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