Unique Baby Shower Theme and Prize Ideas

Every year, millions of women go to millions of baby showers all across the country. So why are 99.9% of these showers the same? Is there some magical baby shower party theme formula that everyone loves so much? Can it be possible that these parties are so perfect that no one wants to change a single thing? Or can it be that no one really has a clue as to what makes up a unique baby shower theme idea... and that it's just easier to follow the same recurring formula time and time again, that everybody else does? Yawn.

Baby Shower Ideas

It's time to shrug off the memories of all those stale parties and start thinking about a baby shower theme idea that's unique, cool, and best of all fun for all involved. All too often guests are forced into the same dull routine at every single baby shower. Moreover, the host never has any idea as to whether or not the shower was successful in entertaining everyone, because no one wants to tell them what went wrong. Some guests don't even know that anything's wrong, simply because every similar event they've been to has offered up the exact same formula.

To host the ultimate baby shower you must think outside of the standard box - you've got to push the envelope in new directions and show your guests unique games, baby shower prize ideas, and other things that they haven't seen before. That's when your baby shower will be remembered by everyone for being different: for going against the grain of all the other formulaic, more mundane baby events they've seen dozens of times before.

This amazing new baby shower ideas package consists of hundreds of great, but most of all unique, ideas for your next baby shower. Among these are:

Personalized templates for fantastic baby shower invitations, placemats, and name tags for all your guests.

A list of the all-time best and easiest recipes that will make your baby shower food some of the greatest anyone's ever had.

A complete planning guide that allows you to host the ultimate baby shower, from soup to nuts, giving you dozens of fantastic new ideas that will blow your guests away.

Baby shower favors ideas that you never thought of before. Ever.

25 of the best baby shower theme ideas, from the best parties ever thrown.

A list of the greatest baby shower party games that will have your guests buzzing.

Also included in the this baby shower package, you'll receive a bonus: the Ultimate Baby Book with over a thousand resources for baby. This makes a fantastic gift for the mom-to-be, and a great resource for any mother of a newborn child.

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