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Our website is filled with helpful articles on everything from getting pregnant and choosing the gender of your baby to keeping a health-filled pregnancy lifestyle up until birth. Soon-to-be moms can read up on natural childbirth, pregnancy acupressure techniques, and great information on the birthing process. And for already mothers of newborns or toddlers, there's a ton of articles geared toward keeping your baby safe and healthy, including tips and tricks on how you can both sleep through the night!

Baby & Pregnancy Advice

Planning or Trying to Get Pregnant?

Take all the right steps on the path to pregnancy! Our editorals on getting pregnant are invaluable to any future mom, all of them designed to help you make right moves and decisions during this critical time. Learn what foods and activities to avoid as well as which ones will promote you and your partner's fertility. Find out which tips and tricks to getting pregnant have been proven to work for thousands of women, regardless of age or lifestyle. Learn about the factors that can affect male fertility and sperm count. Whether you're just starting out attempting to have a baby or have been trying for a while, the articles you'll find in this section are geared toward increasing your odds of become pregnant with a healthy boy or girl. There's also a fun, free ovulation prediction calculator you can use to pinpoint the exact days you'll ovulate over the next several months.

Want to Choose the Gender of Your Future Baby?

Believe it or not, you can! There are a great number of things you and your partner can do to increase the chances of having a baby with exactly the gender of your choice. Learn which factors contribute to determining the sex of your baby at conception, along with all the things you and your partner can both do to help achieve your ultimate goal whether it be a girl or a boy.

Already Pregnant? Keep Fit While Keeping Your Baby Healthy!

Whether this is your first pregnancy or you're already an old pro, the articles you read in this section will help keep you and your baby fit, happy, and most of all healthy throughout your entire pregnancy. Find fitness and nutrition guides for mom that will help keep excess pregnancy weight off, and other excellent information on how to get back in shape after childbirth in as little as one month! Read about maternity acupressure, and how these pregnancy reflexology techniques can help reduce labor pains, eliminate or reduce leg cramps during pregnancy, and help you achieve a faster, safer delivery. You'll also read up on some excellent resources for online childbirth education classes to help get you ready for the birthing process.

Newborn Baby Articles

Congratulations Mom! Now What?

Baby Pregnancy Guide offers a full range of editorals for brand new moms! Have a crying baby? Exciting new information will teach you to get your baby to sleep through the night, each and every night. Learn how much happier the both of you will be once your child is locked into a proper baby sleep schedule. Looking to teach your baby sign language? Learn how to communicate with your infant before he or she can even speak! You'll find good information, advice, and helpful ebooks giving you the keywords and over 250 baby signs you can use to help accelerate your newborn's communication. You'll also read educational manuals on teaching your child everything from basic motor skills to learning how to read.

Other Baby & Pregnancy Resources

Beyond the above information, our site has also compiled a list of helpful baby-related editorials designed to educate both new and old moms, as well as anyone associated with small children. These include guides on how to throw the perfect baby shower, video tutorials on how to make your own diaper cake, the ultimate twins survival guide, and many other great children-related resources you or your family can make use of.

There's also a fun, fact-filled week-by-week pregnancy calendar. All you do is enter your due date to see exactly how your baby is developing, and what to expect within your own body on a weekly basis. As you chart your child's progress against your own growing belly, you'll get weekly suggestions on how to get your home, nursery, and especially yourself all set and ready for upcoming childbirth.

At Baby Pregnancy Guide, we're constantly adding new articles and resources for mothers of newborns and moms-to-be. So be sure to check back often!

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